Flowers in the Living Room

For a structured, contemporary look, bunch together a group of single stems in separate vases. Flowers featured: tulip, lisianthus, freesia

One thing interior designers know is that small can make a huge impact. Just think of the finishing touches we put in highly styled rooms: the right picture frame, a collection of books or that must-have wall hanging. These are the accessories that say a room is “done.” But there is one trick, the bud vase, which with the right flowers adds sparkle, a dash of color and a special touch to your room.

Whether you are contemporary in taste or classic and traditional, there is a bud vase for you.

But there’s a twist: you need more than one.

For the biggest impact, use an odd number of vases in different styles. I like to mix high, short and various shapes to create stunning displays.

If your room needs a dose of drama, fanciful and sculptured bud vases are perfect. Choose three short sculpted vases and place a single hydrangea in each. This arrangement works magic on large surfaces such as sofa tables that are long and narrow. Use the length of the table or gather the bud vases at one end. This brings instant drama and elegance to your living room.

For simple vases, choose statement-making flowers. Place single chrysanthemum buds in five clear rectangular vases and arrange in a single line down your dining table. Not only have you created a beautiful tablescape, but you’ve also added a bit of illumination as the clear vase lets light from your chandelier shine through. You can change the entire look of this arrangement style by swapping out the clear vases for colored and textured options. Try a monochromatic look such as yellow flowers in yellow vases.

Finish your room with these other designer tips:

  • Place an arrangement of varying sized vases on your fireplace mantle or as the finishing piece on a short, stand alone book shelf or foyer table. Play with the vase height and width to get a look you’ll love.
  • End tables are great for a mix of vase shapes as they play off the shape of the table and the other furniture near them. Try three small flute-style vases with a single rose in each.
  • Clear rectangular vases are beautiful near windows as they carry light into the room. Place these on a desk, café table or in your kitchen windowsill with a single bud like a lily.

Do you have a great display of bud vases? Share your tip in the comments.