Bright Christmas - Photo Courtesy Blumz by ...JRDesigns in metro Detroit,

As a florist, I keep an eye out for color and décor trends so I can better anticipate my customers’ needs. What I find is holiday colors and decor tend to be similar to previous years but with a slight twist thanks to fashion, architecture and other major design fields as well as world events and pop culture. This year, economics, the environment, a desire for a return to simpler times, cautious optimism, a need for a lift in spirit and the wish for a brighter future are influencing holiday trends. Listed here are five holiday color and décor trends that I see as strong for 2012.

1.         Bright Colors — a simple reaction to wanting to brighten one’s life. We are tired of feeling depressed and down beaten by the issues around us. We need the lift that bright colors can bring. Hot pinks, fuchsia/violets, turquoises, tangerines and bright greens are fresh and uplifting. These colors can be mixed into existing décor or used in combination on a field of white for a modern contemporary look. To complement this look, just imagine a lovely cylinder with hot pink and orange roses accented with bright green Kermit poms and holiday foliage for the center of the table. Coordinating colored ornaments can further carry out the theme.

White Christmas - Photo Courtesy Blumz by ...JRDesigns in metro Detroit,

2.         Recycle/Reuse/Reduce — the mantra of the environmental movement. It is especially popular among younger generations. Look for recycled paper, glass or metal, tree skirts and fabric décor made of gently used textiles and deconstructed clothes and the use of LED lights that reduce consumption of electricity. This movement includes “Retro and Handmade.” It’s a style that harkens back to an earlier era or the homespun look of “crafty” décor. This movement allows us to revisit a time that we hold precious in our memories. It’s like comfort food for the soul. Traditional colors, wood tones, and familiar textures of felt, wool, cotton, and feather are found here. Decorate your table with a vintage basket filled with pinecones and berries and adorned with a textural cotton ribbon and reuse “blown” C9 light bulbs.

3.         Snow, Silver, Mirror and Sparkle — The presence of snow, shiny silver, and reflective mirror gives a look of purity, clarity and brilliance. The influence of fresh snow, pure and clean, is a strong image that can be treated as a background for another thematic color or as the primary look. In the traditional setting, it works great with reds and greens. In the contemporary setting, it is best left simple, uncluttered with the “less is more” mentality. It can take on a dreamy, winter wonderland effect with branches and evergreens or a more urban feel with silver brushed metals and contemporary containers. White, silver and mirrors also bring lightness into a darkened setting through their reflective qualities, giving a lift to the home or office. Snowflake ornaments, silver orbs and crystal pendants continue to be strong décor items. Welcome your guests with an all white arrangement of spider mums enhanced with white branches and snowflake ornaments in a contemporary silver container. Perfect for the entry table.

4.         Blues in shades of turquoise, aqua and sky blue. Tranquil and calming like the sky and waters that inspire them, blues can look very stylish when mixed with silvers, whites and grays. Whether an upscale downtown loft or office space or a seaside or country cottage, these blues can bring a festive look without being too blue in mood. The use of blue lighting, which actually resulted in a shortage of blue holiday lights last year, is still a terrific look for the season. Blue hydrangea tinted with a bit of floral color and accented with blue orbs fit the bill when needing something for a holiday party or gathering.

Blue Christmas - Photo Courtesy Blumz by ...JRDesigns in metro Detroit,

5.         Soft golden yellow creates the warmth of candlelight and sense of wellbeing. Whether as the dominant color or accent, soft golden tones add depth and shine. With the introduction of soft gold, butter yellow and matte gold, the elegance of gold is obvious without the intrusive quality of strong metallic gold and bright yellow. In a time when we are more conscious of our finances and economy, unstated elegance bodes well. Add a touch of gold to any arrangement by tucking in gilded salal leaves or branches and a hint of gold ribbon.

Being a trend-follower doesn’t mean you have to dump your old holiday decorations and start over. It simply means you are aware of them and incorporate them in your own unique way. Find the style that works best for you. Ask your florist for suggestions. Take those trends, add your personal flair and decorate for the holidays with style and confidence.

Which of these holiday colors and décor trends are you excited about?