Arrangement of gerberas, lilies and roses

Gerbera, Lilies and Roses - Photo Courtesy Teleflora

As Father’s Day approaches I wonder how we ever got to the point where we assumed a gift of flowers or plants is more for women? When you think about it, most growers, florists, designers and gardeners are men.  And even more interestingly, many men choose flower gardening and flower arranging as a hobby totally outside of their professional careers.  I have been in the floral industry a long time, and I have never seen a man receive flowers where he did not break out in a big, face-consuming smile. I think sometimes the gift can be even more appreciated because it is unexpected.  We automatically think of flowers for Mom on Mother’s Day, but it takes a creative thought to get to the same decision for Father’s Day.



There are some great choices that will suit different personalities. First there are arrangements of cut flowers artistically created with interesting and unusual materials just perfect for Dad. Tropical flowers such as birds of paradise, protea or ginger capture the imagination and take you to another place. Their strong colors, unique forms and textures give them a masculine flavor when combined with the right container.  Something more “gardeny” can also suit the “gardener” in Dad, especially in strong vibrant hues. Large playful gerbera, dahlias, sunflower combined with herbs, ivy, grasses, and scented geranium, along with mosses, twigs and other natural materials can make a fabulous presentation. Your local florist will have just the thing, and if you give them a little lead-time, they can create an individual design just perfect for your father.

Succulents and Bamboo

Succulents and Bamboo - Photo Courtesy Teleflora

How about plants? Indoor plants for the office might be a good choice; spathiphyllum, pothos and palms do the trick. These are all easy care plants and do well in medium light or even low light environments. If a more creative idea for green plants is needed, try a dish garden or terrarium. Terrariums are very much on trend, and there are some great containers being used to showcase the fun.  Almost any large glass container can become a terrarium with a little imagination and some botanical know-how.

Another popular item in today’s market is succulents. Mixing varieties of these graphic and interesting plants can create exotic planters. Terra cotta, natural woods, and stone make compatible container options. Add sand, stones, or gravel either in natural colors or enhanced hues for a creative flair. Keep in mind that succulents need a lot of light so only choose them for the Dad who has the right spot to care for them.


Orchids - Photo Courtesay Teleflora

Don’t forget orchid plants. Today there are so many varieties readily available and fairly easy to care for.  Giving Dad one of these plants makes a thoughtful and lasting impression. Orchids are perceived to be exceptionally exotic and high end, fit for a “king.”

Shopping for dad can be tough. He has a tendency to buy what he needs or wants himself leaving slim pickings for gift giving. Try “wowing” him with an unexpected gift of fresh flowers or plants making this Father’s  Day one to remember.

Tell us about your Father’s Day flowers.