Flowers come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and as a floral designer it is great fun to create new and different looks and styles. There is truly something for everyone. This spring, I had the pleasure of participating in the Society of American Florists’ media workshop, where we educated national magazine editors on trends in floral design. For the workshop, I created the following eight floral pieces, depicting trends inspired by my esteemed floral industry colleagues, Bill Schaffer, AIFD, Kristine Kratt, AIFD, and Rich Salvaggio, AIFD.

Lush Oasis

Green and brown hues dominate in forest-like elements with accents of purples to create an eco-friendly look.

Mosses, barks, herbals and natural elements combine with shades of purple.

Lush Oasis


Earthen simplicity combined with man-made luxury.

Features a color palette that is reminiscent of extended earth tones with a concentration of materials that have organic and various textural characteristics. These are blended with metallic and other materials that convey luxury.

Glam/Lodge 2

Fluid Waters

Dazzling hues from the coolest part of the spectrum with strong accents.

Marine blues, whites and oranges combine in a palette and combination of forms that recreate an under the water scene.

Fluid Waters

Simply Urban

A quiet palette of color with emphasis on form, texture and structure.

Industrial metals are paired with simple lines in floral with heavy influences of plant material. Galvanized containers, succulents, and mosses are arranged in a contemporary styling. 

Simply Urban


An expression of beauty and glamour with vintage accents.

Sleek containers, pearl and jeweled accents paired with a softer palette of classic blooms in greens, peaches and pinks.


Tribal Threads

Tiers or layers of flowers with cultural influences.

Hand thrown ceramics, leather or rough metal containers of a handmade look are paired with an analogous palette of yellow oranges through reds in a smaller but more textural look.

Tribal Threads

Techno Color (presented in a wedding bouquet)

Material all with a “turned-up chroma” look in either traditional or contemporary design style.

Bright oranges, hot pinks and greens set against bright white or chrome for an eye-popping treat.

Techno Color

Nostalgia Collage (presented in a wedding bouquet)

Beautiful flowers in a softer color palette with tints and tones of many true hues.

These colors are paired with “personal treasures” … items that are found, inherited or even well worn. Fruits, feathers, berries and containers with unique finishes combine with flowers for a signature statement.

Nostalgia Collage

Which is your favorite, and why?