Centerpiece-fbPlanning a fall wedding? Now is the time to be talking to your florist. Autumn is such a glorious time with all the rich colors, textures and materials, even more so when celebrating a wedding. Unlike spring with its soft palette or summer’s bright hues, autumn has depth, richness and a distinct maturity. Embracing those qualities and enjoying the many materials associated with fall can help create a visually memorable event, and be cost effective.

Décor can be elegant or casual. Just because pumpkins are present doesn’t imply the event is any less refined. Use of metallic color can take the gourd from country bumpkin to chic and haute. Leaving the canning jar aside, a beautiful mercury glass container filled with textural berries, cones, grasses and vines raises the bar for country charm. The glow of candlelight takes on an even warmer tone when reflected off the jewel tones of autumn.

With the popularity of gold wedding dresses and lace accents, the relatively common chrysanthemum can shine during this season. Mums in many styles are readily available and are affordably priced. Accenting bouquets with fall foliage and vines creates a style that is unmistakably autumn. Coordinate the groom’s boutonniere with a sprig of foliage and berries from the bouquet and tied together with gold bullion wire for an added sparkle.

Décor can incorporate all those Pinterest inspirations from nut filled vases and corn stalk framed gates to creatively enhanced harvest theme photo ops. Your biggest challenge will be deciding which ideas to use and which to discard. To keep things in perspective, select a couple of overall concepts and stay focused. You don’t want the event to take on the look of a cornucopia in a blender.

Additionally, give your caterer the opportunity to really play with the menu. With all the awesome scents and tastes that are so distinctly fall, it’s a shame to stick to a relatively “year-round” selection. From hors d’oeuvres and soups to main course, savory flavors and seasonal spices can add depth to the feast.

Finally, trust your professional florist to help you pull together a look that will not only be appropriate for the occasion but will also take advantage of all the beauty that surrounds us at this time of the year.