Living in the Northeastern part of the United States, I anticipate the colors of autumn as soon as the kids return to school. For those of you who have not experienced it, it is truly Mother Nature’s finest artwork.  Set against a canvas of almost every variety of deciduous trees, her paintbrush washes the landscape in a spectrum of saturated hues.

Spider Mums

Along with that dramatic backdrop, the plethora of autumn blooms fills flower shops across the country. One of the most underrated and most reliable crops takes on a starring role during the fall months. Chrysanthemums have long been associated with this season, and now more than ever we have good reason to celebrate their arrival.

We now have availability to these beautiful blooms in more varieties of shapes and colors than ever before. From Viking pom pons, whose blooms resemble miniature sunflowers, to large chartreuse green Spider Mums, flower breeders from all over the Americas have pushed the envelope to bring us more joy than ever.


There have even been many varieties developed to satisfy our urges for shades of oranges in the autumn season, many varieties have already been seen sporting shades of rust and amber, buckskin and burgundies. Newer specimens are hitting the market with saturated hues of oranges and purples so intense in color that you would almost swear that they have been helped along with some type of color enhancement process. One of my favorites is a variety called “Biarritz” it is a spoon daisy flower with an intense showing of deep purple/burgundy with lighter purple edges.


Also keep your eyes open for “Belmont” a true pumpkin orange daisy pom that is sure to be a popular choice throughout October and November. It’s a pretty daisy shaped flower with rich orange petals and when cared for properly, can last 14-21 days.


And with Halloween just around the corner, wait till you catch a glimpse of “Grafito” It is an extremely dark violet that almost appears black, with a lime green center to the daisy flower. How perfect for those Halloween arrangements that need a touch of eerie.

This fall, take another look at the varieties and value you can find with fall chrysanthemums. I am sure they will become a perennial favorite.