Kesler-Lily-Mum-4474-FBThe summer days are cooling; the sun sets a bit earlier each day and the seasons transition to autumn. Long, lazy days spent outside lounging in the backyard turn to evenings cuddled in front of the fire in the great room. Families and friends gather at the kitchen counter rather than poolside. The sparkling glass of champagne is switched to a bold red zinfandel. The changing season modifies behavior and triggers the desire to warm the home with the essence of autumn.

Swap out the throw pillows, change a tablecloth and add flowers — it’s that easy!  You can have an autumn house in less than a day and without breaking the bank. The key is to find the perfect autumn colors for your home. Thank goodness, simple touches will keep you on trend with the 2014 autumn color palette. 

Each season has trending colors. Your professional florist can help you identify what is hot and what is not. Summer 2014 was heavily influenced by coral: coral and teal, coral and tomato, coral and turquoise, coral and … most anything. During the fall months, you’ll see the summery coral evolve with heavier color saturation and adding a bit of black to darken the shade to an autumn hue. Accent the coral with navy blue and you’ll be on-trend for Fall 2014.  Look around and you will see; Mother Nature includes coral in her autumn palette as the leaves turn colors and the late blooming garden brings coral zinnias, dahlias, roses and hypericum berries. Need a little more inspiration? Turn to Pinterest for coral-autumn pins to get you started.

Kesler-Coral Autumn-FB

For the seasonal purist, tradition rules with the “hot” side of the color wheel in an analogous autumn palette. 2014 updates these fire hues with a focus on the yellow-based reds and a strong touch of orange. Rounding out this trending color scheme for 2014, yellow is touched with a bit of gold for rich warmth. Dahlias, gloriosa lilies and orchids all bring this palette to life.

Kesler-Traditional Autumn. 2014-FB

If you like a little more neutral palette in your home, you are in luck. Brown, tan and ivory with a touch of rust and soft gold is your 2014 trend of choice. No brash orange … just the soft, blending neutral colors of the “coffee” palette. Just pick your flavor: latte, mocha or Americano. How do you interpret coffee with flowers? Cafe au lait dahlia and mocha cymbidium will get you started.


The 2014 Pantone color of the year, Radiant Orchid, transitions to autumn beautifully. Add a bit of navy, burgundy and eggplant to create a richer, seasonal color palette. Orchids, clematis, echinops … so many fabulous flowers to choose from in this color harmony.

Kesler-Radiant Orchid.Autumn-FB

It’s easy to transition the home to the rich colors of the autumn season by focusing on just a few key items in each room. Pillows for the couch, comforter on the bed, dish towels in the kitchen and flowers in every room. Stop by your florist to gather your favorite blooms and spend one afternoon putting them in place. Now you are ready to call (or text depending on your mode of communication) your friends over for an impromptu gathering celebrating the autumn season.