Express YourselfWe are all “one of a kind” and have so many ways to show it — a new hat, fun shoes, cool sunglasses, funky hair color or a sexy tattoo. Wearing a favorite color makes us feel special and unique.

My favorite color is orange, which I wear as often as I can. My office is a shade of burnt orange, which I find welcoming and inspirational. I will even choose “orange” when given a flavor choice. What about my favorite flower? That gets a little more difficult as my favorites change based on my mood or an emotion I want to express.

There is a saying that has been part of flower promotion for years, and it’s “Say it with flowers;” simple, yet right on. When we give flowers to someone, we are certainly trying to say something: Thank you. Congratulations! I love you. I’m sorry. The blooms we choose for these messages help to express what we are thinking and feeling as well as evoke the response we are seeking from the recipient.

Daisies and gerbera are perfect for the lighthearted happy thoughts, where roses are so often connected with a romance. Orchids are elegant and upscale; wildflowers warm and casual. How we combine flowers and colors makes our expression our own. Using flowers to express ourselves is rewarding as everyone loves flowers and the truly happy smile on the face of the recipient is certainly our goal. Going the extra mile and choosing blooms to reflect your personality or discovering the favorites of the recipient make the experience richer. If you need some help making the right choices, take this Floral Signature Quiz and discover your signature flowers or what might be best suited to those you care about.

Good MorningFlowers in my home are also an expression of who I am. They bring life to my surroundings and are an easy way to change the mood of a space. My kitchen table can be warm and sunny with an explosion of gerbera or a little more serious with a vase of lilies. Daisies on the coffee table bring a smile to the space where a vase of tulips are animated and playful yet have certain sophistication about them. Orchids feel more formal to me and are perfect for special occasions or when I’m feeling very grown-up (Chronologically, I am more than a grown up, yet I often don’t feel that way, which can really be a good thing.) In addition to looking great, research has shown that there are health benefits as well to having flowers in your home. How invigorating it is to change the ambiance of my rooms by just changing the flowers — what fun! And they are good for me.

Combining flower favorites and colors is a particularly fun because it is not permanent. You can experiment and express your creativity without fear of making a mistake. All flowers are beautiful and some arrangements will suit you more than others and discovering those favorite combinations is a fabulous experience. Your own personality emerges through the process and influences the mood of each bouquet. For some bright colors and big forms such as gerbera, lilies and orchids are the favorites. Others respond to smaller more delicate blooms and softer pastels. Mix it up and combine a few of each and the bouquet is all about you.