Tangerine Tango was our favorite color of 2012. This strong orange hue was a big hit; and there are so many lovely flowers in orange.  Wouldn’t you know it, 2013 is seeing green. That’s right, the Pantone Color for 2013 is Emerald. While trendy flower lovers in 2012 rejoiced for orange, the good news continues this year because there are lots of lovely flowers in tints, tones and shades of green.

Bells of Ireland are stately. The striking flower forms a powerful visual line in floral designs. The ‘Green Trick’ dianthus is a fascinating mass flower. This carnation looks like a big green puffball. Green roses, dendrobium, hydrangea and gladioli to name a few are available year round and are lovely in any design.

Along with flowers and foliage, florists bring emerald into their floral designs with decorative accents such as marbles, stones, sand, water beads, decorative wires and ribbons. Look around the flower shop and see how your florist uses emerald.

This year, I dare you to make a floral resolution: When buying flowers, ask your florist for “something different.” Choose something you have not purchased before. We often find ourselves in buying ruts. Be a flower rebel, do something crazy, buy something you have not had before, in color and variety.

Take it a step further, and start a Flower Diary. Write the name, date of purchase, color, and recipient — for yourself or a gift. Document how the flowers make you and the recipient feel.

When you see a picture of flowers that you like, take it to your local florist.  Your professional florist will talk with you to help you find the right flower and color.

What is your favorite green flower?