Garden flowers - Shirley's Flowers & Gifts, Inc., in Rogers, Ark.You might have already noticed that 2014 is all about bravery in style, and fearlessness in showing off flashy expressions. No more matching patterns. It is the same idea when you were little and your mother let you dress yourself. You wore what you liked and did not necessarily match. Today’s style for the home is about being bold and dangerous. Think vintage, bold flashes of color in exciting patterns, including floral patterns, which are making a big comeback.

While you might not be so brave to buy a new couch covered in floral patterns, it is easy to give your home décor an update with a floral throw blanket, pillow, or an English-garden style floral arrangement.

Down Home Country — Shirley's Flowers & Gifts, Inc., in Rogers, Ark.Flowers are an easy and affordable way to incorporate trend colors, such as the 2014 Color of the Year Radiant Orchid, into your home decor. As well as beautifying and updating your living space, flowers boost emotional health. Harvard research proves people feel more compassionate toward others, have less worry and anxiety, and feel less depressed when flowers are present in the home.

Tropical Floral ArrangementAnother color growing in popularity is yellow. Bright, beautiful tints, tones and shades of happy yellow. Bring in rays of yellow with joyful gerber daisies or sunflowers; they come in a variety of sizes and shades.

For the foyer, consider tropical flowers, such as ginger, birds of paradise or heliconia. Tropical flowers bring texture to the scene, inviting interaction. When my daughter and I shop, I touch everything. She says “Mom do you have to touch everything?” I simply say, “Yes, I can’t help myself.” Florists are adding cork, wood, sand and branches to floral designs for that extra splash of texture.

Succulents Arrangement  - Lisa Greene, AAF, AIFD, PFCIWhen updating your living spaces, think about what makes you happy. The color green inspires. It’s easy to add green to every room with plants. Put a terrarium in the bathroom or home office. Succulents are wonderful. They are easy to care for and have delicate textures. Put a plant in your child’s bedroom. Teach your children how to care for plants, and they’ll enjoy watching them grow. Bring green in your life on all levels.


How are you updating your home décor in 2014?