Easter TulipsGrowing up, Easter meant going shopping and buying new everything — dress, shoes, hat and gloves (that shows how old I am). We colored eggs and made plans for a festive family Easter dinner after church on Sunday. The table was set with care, and there were always flowers. The garden was beginning to show color, and we gathered outdoors to take photographs of each other to commemorate the occasion and to compare years gone by. And oh my, how we enjoy those photos years later. The best was the hats!

Well we don’t seem to wear hats any more, and gloves are a thing of the past (other than to keep warm in the winter). Ladies used to wear a corsage of flowers to church on Easter Sunday, another custom that has gone by the wayside. Society has changed, and for many, the formality of Easter is not what it used to be. Large family dinners are often smaller and more casual sometimes evolving into a barbeque or picnic in areas where the weather allows. We don’t seem to travel to grandma’s house quite as much but we may choose Easter for that family vacation.

However, even with the inevitable changes from one generation to the next, Easter is still a time where we reflect on new growth, new directEaster Brunchions and family, whether we actually gather together or not. A bouquet of tulips and daffodils, a lovely Easter lily plant for the traditionalist among us or a festive centerpiece for those that do celebrate the family gathering are lovely ways to bring those that we care about closer.

We are so busy every day, connected socially electronically more often than in person or even by phone. Yet no matter how busy we are or how deep our head is buried into our technology and our work, flowers can make us look up and smile. That promise of rebirth and Easter blessings is communicated through the spring flowers and plants we are so fortunate to have and share with those we love. We may not get together as often but sending flowers keeps us close. Flowers are fleeting and last only a short time but their presence is so heartfelt that it’s the closest thing to being there.

I still love to decorate for every season whether I am having guests or not. For me, flowers in my home is a given, especially to welcome spring. I have lots of bunnies, eggs and Easter decorations that I bring out each year, things just don’t seem right without the flowers.  I brought several bunches of tulips home from the flower shop yesterday and arranged them in my favorite pitcher. It is a rainy spring day today, but inside the sun is shining thanks to those glorious tulips.

This year Easter falls late in the spring season, giving us extra time to look forward to its arrival. The trees are blooming and leaves are ready to pop wide open. As I look at this beautiful bouquet amidst the Easter trappings, I think of my family and friends to whom I wish all the promise of spring and blessings for the rest of the year.

What are your favorite Easter memories? Do they include flowers like mine do?

Do you have a favorite? Is there someone that would love to receive Easter flowers from you?