This season, those seeking the inspiration of nature are embracing a natural, woodsy approach. Incorporating branches into floral designs for home or event décor delivers the theme and is a popular trend in Europe from what I saw during one of the world’s largest horticultural fairs in Essen, Germany earlier this year.

Branch Wall Hanging - Photo by Sharon McGukin AAF, AIFD, PFCI

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While often perceived as lacking in color, the texture, grain, or fiber of branches and other wood elements can actually highlight a collection such as the popular light to dark shades of green, soft green-blues, subtle to earthy browns and natural whites color palette.

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Branches, along with other natural materials such as wooden bowls, pottery urns, stone vases, wicker baskets and worn or sun-bleached wooden furniture help to evoke the calm, casual environment enjoyed in natural spaces. Florists are using branches, twigs, driftwood, and pieces of wood as natural objects of art in floral designs to:

  • Enhance the form or line of a flower or plant composition.
  • Add textural interest to a grouping of shiny, bright, or bold accessories.
  • Create a strong linear division for areas of space, as when used in a standing screen.
  • Bring an element of the outdoors inside when placed in an arrangement, dish garden, or terrarium.
  • Create the basic structure of a design when branches are placed on a vase, in a vase, or over a vase before adding flowers.
  • Hang directly onto a wall as wall art. The twists and turns of these natural shapes add texture and dimension to any space.