New Home Office

Photo by TypeFiend

As we approach the end of summer, the “back to school” mantra begins to fill the airwaves. As the parent of two teen daughters, I know how important it is to my girls they have “everything perfect” before the work can begin. It may just be their perfect excuse to redesign their workspaces every year, but why chance the great grades?

So not to add to your long list of school supplies, here are just a few inexpensive tricks to make your child’s study area — or even your home office — ready for the new school year.

First and foremost a comfortable chair and desk are a must. No need for formal office furniture, but a dedicated workspace (table and chair) will encourage good habits. Simple colored slipcovers can give a seat a new look. When possible, position workspaces near a window or natural light to keep the “sitting inside blues” away. When all-nighters are a must, ample light is key. Choose inexpensive, trendy lighting to add style. I like grouping of colored paper lanterns for a chic look. If the desk is poorly lit, work is poorly done.

Look to vertical space for storage and function. I like to use dedicated wall organizers to keep utensils, paper and folders within reach. Even simple kitchen wall utensil organizers work great. Personalize organizers with photos of family and friends to keep the mood light.

As assignments pile up, so do the books, papers and projects. To keep organized, be sure to have enough storage space either under a desk, in drawers under the bed, or in nearby bookcases. Keeping an open space on the table also encourages productivity.

Avoid “cabin fever” while studying by adding nature to workspace. In a study by Texas A&M University, research demonstrates that workers’ idea generation, creative performance and problem-solving skills improve substantially in workplace environments that include flowers and plants. So add colored glass bottles and vases with favorite buds or green plants for the ideal workspace and grades.

Here are more tips on using flowers to warm up your workspace.

What are your favorite back-to-school decorating tricks?