Cotton Stalks in Bouquet - Photo Courtesy

Being from the South, I have always seen cotton growing naturally in the fields. It is a beautiful sight and one of the nostalgias of this region.

With the emergence of rustic barn weddings and all of the textural appeal in bridal bouquets, cotton is presenting itself as sought-after floral content in today’s market.

Many brides are requesting that bit of Southern charm to be incorporated into their bouquets and to adorn their gentleman’s lapel.

Photo Courtesy HotHouse Design Studio in Birmingham, AL,

Also, cotton isn’t only being seen in weddings but incorporated into everyday arrangements – such as this baby girl arrival arrangement. It is simply the unexpected element that adds to its appeal.

Ask your local florist for cotton in your next arrangement. It is available fresh or in permanent form.

What do you think of this new textural trend?