Bridal BouquetFall, what a gorgeous season to celebrate the coming together of two lives! At my florist shop shop in Pennsylvania, we have more requests for weddings in the autumnal months than all of the other three seasons put together. In this part of the world, nature is ablaze in all of its glory as the many varied specimens of trees burst forth with an array of colors that would rival any painter’s palette. And following that lead, brides are seeking a plethora of hues in flowers for everything from bouquets for the bridesmaids to table décor for the reception. I can best sum up the intensity of chroma used in these weddings in two words:  SATURATED COLOR.

A combination that has been particularly favored for fall include rich scarlet, pumpkin orange and golden yellow. Flowers for this analogous color harmony include “Charlotte” red roses with their velvety red petals, mango mini callas with striations of color mimicking orange flames of fire, and mokara orchids in golden yellow.Bridal Bouquet

Another striking pairing is purples and greens. Green cymbidium orchids are offset beautifully by “Picasso” mini callas with their deep purple centers embraced by creamy white edges and elegant lavendar “Cool Water” roses. Adding just a bit of green hypericum berry lends a subtle but effective textural accent.

We also have seen a resurgence in “fun” weddings. Some brides have been to more than their fair share of weddings where formality reigns, and by the time they are ready to tie the knot, they just want something fun and different.

Bridal BouquetIn that case, we suggest a color scheme that exudes joy and happiness for their big day. Gerbera are a natural choice as a starring flower in these fun weddings.  They have an “I-don’t-take-myself-too-seriously” attitude and the availability of color choices is almost endless.  Combining gerbs with freesia or alstroemeria and other florals in hot tropical colors will surely lend an element of fun to any wedding.

All of these collections, as well as countless other beautiful color harmonies and flower combinations can be coordinated by a qualified and skilled floral designer. Your local florist can help you decide the perfect decorations and accents for your perfect wedding day!

If you have a fall wedding, what are your colors and flower choices?

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