The color palettes for Christmas are absolutely gorgeous this year.

Leading the way, the complementary hues of classic red and green with a bit of updated tweaking on the traditional hues. The purest red is paired with a variety of greens that crosses the color wheel from yellow green to blue green. Flowers can be traditional roses and carnations or something a little different and unexpected like orchids, amaryllis and anthurium.


From there, the trending colors can vary according to the age, wealth and geographical region. In the Pacific Northwest, the natural colors of the woodlands are a favorite. For the mature flower lover looking for an elegant and sophisticated look, champagne colors are fabulous. The strongest new influence on Christmas colors for 2014 is the movie, “Frozen.” As with everything else this year, Elsa and Anna have focused the world on the Crystal Sparkle palette.

Natural Woodlands begins with a rich and luxurious base of green. Enhanced with copper, gold, ivory and chocolate brown, the natural palette will easily blend with many year-round home decor. Foliages range from evergreens to magnolia to ferns to grasses — most anything goes as long as it is green. Pods, cones, mosses and berries enhance the designs and sparkling metallic balls add a subtle touch of the season.



Champagne Glow is a lustrous palette that expands upon the blushed hues so popular this year. Ivory, peach, soft coral and gold enhanced with evergreens are a sophisticated choice this holiday season. Luxurious roses, hydrangeas, gilded foliage and berries all look grand in this collection.



Crystal Sparkle interprets the icy cold with flowers. Pure white, sparkling silver and crystal clear accessories with rhinestones, faux snow and just a touch of color makes this a popular choice. The Pantone color of the year, Radiant Orchid is a perfect accent color in this palette. Paperwhites, orchids, carnations and roses all fit the icy theme quite well.



What are your favorite Christmas colors?