Purple Flowers

Different shades of the same color accented with a neutral color creates a sophisticated and pleasing look.

Whether your wedding budget is large or small, one of the most important decisions you will make will be the colors you choose. If your color choice is right, the wedding will be lovely even on a small budget; but the opposite is also true, a large budget cannot overcome poor color choices.

Some brides know what color they want right from the beginning, while others have a hard time defining the color scheme that feels right for them. Color is an emotional element. Pink can be dreamy to some and icky to others; and to complicate it further, the colors you choose as an accent can make all the difference. A strong raspberry can be pretty tough on the eyes paired with an intense turquoise blue, but add pretty silvery accents and the combination takes on a new look. Emphasize the raspberry and soften the turquoise and now it’s really starting to work.

Shades of Pink

Various shades of pink look “feminine and flirty.”

Here are a few tips for choosing colors that will be perfect:

  • Don’t try to work with too many colors at once
  • Let one color dominate using additional hues as accents
  • Introduce a neutral to soften or extend color palettes
  • Choose colors you like, that make you happy
  • Colors of the same value usually work best together. For example, pale pink works better with a soft sage green than a deep forest green.

Here are some elements that can influence your color choices:

  • Seasonal considerations such as rich fall colors or icy winter blues and whites
  • Colors already prominent at your venue for ceremony and reception
  • Time of day
  • What mood are you trying to capture? Zen, romantic or festive

I love fall, so the rich coloring of that season appeals to me. I would most likely consider the fall season when choosing my date and venue. (See Tim Farrell’s pictures of “Colors and Flowers for Fall Weddings.”)

Purple Flowers

Purple with touches of orange and platinum look contemporary and hip.

As a florist, I am familiar with what flowers can do to achieve harmony and create drama. Color can be what pulls unrated elements together, and flowers are often the easiest and most effective vehicles to make that happen. Your date and venue may be influenced by other factors that often are difficult to adjust while your flower colors can be adapted to make everything else work fairly simply especially early on in the planning. A plain venue can become contemporary and hip by using a trendy color story, such as purple with touches of orange and platinum or “feminine and flirty” by using various shades of pink.

Often we look to others for color advice. Be careful you don’t take in too many opinions. (Christine Arylo says seek ideas to inform your decisions in “The 5 I’s of Making Wedding Choices with Happiness instead of Stress.”) Everyone has his or her own personal taste when it comes to color. For the bride that is unsure and needs advice, find someone who has taste similar to yours. Listen to the professionals such as your dress shop or florist, but in the end, make the choice that feels right for you. Color your wedding perfectly with flowers!

Tell me, what are some of your favorite color combinations you have you seen at weddings?