Cheerful Flowers - Blumz by JRDesigns in metro DetroitHow have you been feeling lately? A little tired after the rush of the holiday season? Feeling a bit blue and experiencing a desire to binge on carbs until your waistline takes on the look of a certain tire company spokesperson?? YEP! Sounds like you may have a touch of the Winter Blahs.

For the longest, we joked about it, but not any more. It can affect up to almost 10 percent of the population in some areas. Most people afflicted with this malady are treated with some form of light therapy and doses of melatonin. However, whether you are the one experiencing this first hand or you know someone who is generously sharing their “moody blues” with you, we have a suggestion. Rather than self-medicating by turning on all the lights in the house or aiming high wattage flood lamps at the afflicted individual, try this: FLOWERS!

Yes, flowers … specifically a vase of yellow, green and a touch of blue. Yellow is often described as cheery, sunny and warm. It can increase the metabolism and cause an energized sensation. But because too much yellow can be fatiguing to the eye due to its brightness, add the balancing colors of green and blue. Green is described as healing and natural, while blue in small doses can bring on feelings of peace and security. As an added boost, send the arrangement with a cute cup and some St. Johns wort and mint herb tea since the active ingredient in St. Johns wort is a mood lifter.

Cute, colorful and guaranteed to put the blues at bay. So contact your florist  and send those winter blahs packing.  Enjoy the season to its fullest through the magic of flowers.