Mixed Verbena

Mixed Verbena

Many of us look forward to the unofficial start of summer as Memorial Day, a nationally observed federal holiday, fast approaches.  Originally called Decoration Day, the three-day weekend lends time for family, friends and reflection for those who have served our country.   We may celebrate with a barbeque on the deck, a picnic in the park or a trip to the beach or mountains.  But why not begin summer’s American holidays with a little red, white and blue with the help of beautiful flowers around our home, and to celebrate the service of our past military men and women.

It’s easy to plant this color scheme in pots, directly in the garden, or as arrangements for a military loved-one’s cemetery plot.  These flowers, if watered regularly, can take you well in to the July 4th celebrations and beyond.  Here is a list of some of my favorite red, white and blue flowers that do well in pots or in the garden:




Begonia, geranium, petunias, salvia (also in blue), verbena, vinca, zinnias


Begonia, daisies, ‘Dusty Miller’, petunias, daisies, vinca,




Ageratum, petunias, salvia

When planting in pots, put the tallest flower, regardless of its color, in the center, with the mid-sized blooms in the middle, and then smaller plants along the rim.  For the garden, plant the taller flowers in the back with the smallest up front.

Patriotic Tribute

Patriotic Sympathy Tribute

The same patriotic color scheme can be done for arrangements to honor military loved ones who have passed.  Contact your local florist for ideas.  Most will also deliver arrangements directly to cemeteries within their delivery area if you are unable to take it yourself.

Tell us about your Memorial Day traditions and celebrations.