YellowBudVaseRibbon-fbWhen you need comforting during a trying time or have happy news to share, or need a favor, who do you call? You probably turn to your best friend. Friends provide emotional support; they do favors big and small, and so much more. They’re there when we need them; they are praying for us when we are too sad or distressed to pray for ourselves. They are there through the good times and the bad.

Friendship Day, celebrated annually on the first Sunday of August, is dedicated to the bond of friendship and companionship. This year, Friendship Day is August 3rd. Flowers go a long way in letting a friend know how grateful you are for their presence in your life.

Plus, Rutgers research proves a gift of flowers guarantees smiles. 

Here are a few Friendship Day floral gift ideas:

  • A traditional option is yellow roses. Cheerful yellow roses symbolize friendship, and convey sentiments of joy and thanks. Even a small bud vase artfully designed with a single stem or with several stems of roses is a big way to show appreciation.
  • Surprise friends with custom-arranged flowers that reflect their personality. Describe your friends’ personalities and hobbies to your local florist who will make recommendations, such as gerberas and daisies for the friend who always makes you smile or lilies to an elegant friend.
  • Celebrate the length and depth of your friendship. Count the years or months you have been friends with the most special people in your life. Give them one flower for every year you’ve been friends (or per month if it’s a new relationship), and include a card that recounts your favorite memories for each of those years or months.

friendshipday-fbIf hosting a party over Friendship Day weekend, ask guests to list their favorite flower on the RSVP. When guests arrive, surprise them with their favorite flower wrapped at their plate, or as a special wearable such as a corsage, boutonnière, fascinator, purse designs — you name it, your florist can create it.

Another Friendship Day party idea: Ask guests to bring one or two of their favorite flowers. When guests arrive, place their flowers in a vase to create a lovely centerpiece. Or ask guests to bring flowers and hold a white elephant gift exchange — everyone takes home a different flower to enjoy.

By the same token, if you are invited to a Friendship Day party or just headed to a summer get-together with friends, bring a thank-you gift of flowers for the host. Or better yet, have them delivered prior to the party so the host can place them before guests arrive. You’ll receive such a delightful welcome.

Start a Friendship Day tradition. Go to your florist; pick up some flowers and ribbon. In the morning, get together with family and friends to create little friendship bouquets and then give the little bouquets to others and watch the smiles grow.

How do you let your friends know you care and appreciate them?