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This year, St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Friday. No matter how the leprechauns are celebrating — from a low-key corned beef and cabbage family dinner at home to a shamrockin’ party — floral gifts and decorations add to the merriment.

Start the countdown to St. Patrick’s Day by treating yourself to flowers on your office desk. They’ll keep your spirits up through the workweek until the Friday night festivities.

St. Patrick's Day Flowers - Photo Courtesy Leanne and David Kesler, Floral Design Institute, Inc., in Portland, Oregon

Photo Courtesy Leanne and David Kesler, Floral Design Institute, Inc., in Portland, Oregon

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St. Patrick’s Day Flowers

by Stephen Rittner on March 14, 2016 at 9:21 am

StPatricksDay1-RittnerThe history behind this holiday is fascinating. St Patrick’s original name was Maewyn Succat, and he was most likely Scottish in origin. After being enslaved, he developed a strong sense of faith. He was undoubtedly a great teacher, and strong evangelist and used visual aids, such as the shamrock, to explain the trinity and promote Christianity in Ireland.

Many folks think of St Patrick’s Day as a day to celebrate being Irish and Irish Culture. While that is true, this holiday has gone far beyond that. Although it is celebrated throughout the world, St. Patrick’s Day in the United States has come to represent the best of our pluralistic American society. It has become a community-wide event where the Irish welcome everyone regardless of ethnicity and religion to join them in celebration. As the common phrase goes… “You don’t have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!”

St. Patrick’s Day is a wonderful excuse for a party, and floral gifts and floral decorations enhance any celebration. With the traditional St. Patrick’s Day colors of green and white, there is a huge range of flower options for St. Patrick’s Day. Not only are there dyed green flowers, but there are also flowers with natural green hues, such as Fuji mums, ‘Green Trick’ dianthus and Athos Poms. Pair the greens with white from roses, tulips, carnations, miniature carnations, snapdragons or Fuji mums.

Going back to green flowers … one of my favorite green flowers is the Bells of Ireland. This amazing flower twists and turns. It is a must-have for St. Patrick’s Day.


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Festive St. Patrick’s Day Flowers

by Leanne Kesler on March 11, 2015 at 12:22 pm

On St. Patrick’s Day, the world turns green. Or, white or even a bit of gray. Winter 2015 just won’t go away. March and snowstorms? Say it isn’t so! Time to bring on the green of spring even if Mother Nature is not completely on board. As my mother always said, “Fake it ’till you make it!” March 17, just days before the first day of spring, gives us the opportunity to dream of the bright colors and green leaves to come. St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday to brighten the winter weary soul.

Our friends in Chicago know how to celebrate big. Forty-five pounds (yes, 45!) of green vegetable dye is dumped into the Chicago River  turning it vivid green between Columbus and Wacker Drives. Oh, what a sight to see! After the river festivities, revelers party throughout the day and into the night. Everywhere you go, the iconic shamrock will be found.

Tucked into a ruffled cluster of green variegated ranunculus, the shamrock shouts out, “I’m ready to join the fun!” A bouquet is an easy way to share the merriment with friends.


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St Patrick's Day Hair Clip by Blumz by JRDesigns in metro DetroitIt’s one of the most anticipated party days of the year, St. Patrick’s Day. The celebration started as a way of commemorating the life of the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick. Ironically, St. Pat whose actual name was believed to be Maewyn was neither Irish nor associated with the color green. But through an interesting series of events was transformed from the kidnapped son of a Roman priest/official to one of the most beloved Catholic saints. On March 17th, the historically recognized day that St. Patrick died, everyone is given a special dispensation to lay claim to being “Irish” for the day and partying like a rock star.

Here are some festive options for wearing green.

Wear flowers in your hair. Here a rhinestone hairclip with a big shamrock is decorated with green dendrobium orchids, Kermit poms, green aluminum wire, green ribbons, and accents of gold beads and green pinheads for a whimsical touch. Read More

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St. Patrick's Day

Photo Courtesy: Blumz by JRDesigns in metro Detroit

March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day. Isn’t it funny all the shades of green you see on that day? And what I mean is that everyone claims to be a little Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.

Besides St. Nicholas (Christmas) and St. Valentine (Valentine’s Day), St. Patrick (Patron of Green Beer) is one of the top three most popular Saints in the world. Party!

He is even credited with driving the serpents from Ireland. OK, there never have been snakes in Ireland according to even the Catholic Church. Even still, St. Patrick is still a pretty cool dude.

Here are a few plants and flowers to help your inner Leprechaun celebrate: Read More