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Petal It Forward

by Jennifer Sparks on October 9, 2016 at 3:48 pm

The floral industry is ready to Petal It Forward! On October 19, 2016, the Society of American Florists and florists nationwide will randomly surprise people on the street with flowers in more than 230 cities in all 50 states. Lucky recipients will receive two bouquets — one to keep, and one to share with a friend, family member, co-worker, or even a complete stranger. There will be a lot of smiles going around as the country experiences flower power. See below for a list of the events by city and state.

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PIF_7067If you asked people, “Would you like this world to be a better place? Would you like people to be happier?” most would say, “Of course.” But the notion of making this world a happier place is totally overwhelming. It makes us think we have to do something ‘big’ like solve world hunger, find a cure for cancer, or raise the next President. But that’s not actually true.

We have the power to make a big impact on the world just by our interactions with the people in our daily lives. “Big” world change doesn’t start with grand solutions, big shifts happen one heart at a time. You touch one person, they touch another, and they another and the domino effect does all the work. Read More

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PIF-OneAnotherIt’s all the rage – those positive acts of kindness where people “pay it forward” to make someone’s day shine just a little brighter. Because flowers are the perfect way to do just that, we — the Society of American Florists — hit the busy streets of New York City today, handing out thousands of flower bouquets (4,000 to be exact) to busy morning commuters to help brighten up their mid-week slumps. Our way of paying it forward? To PETAL IT FORWARD!

We have university research that shows that a gift of flowers creates instant delight and increases enjoyment and life satisfaction. We also know from a recent survey that while 80 percent of people feel happy when they receive flowers, even more – 88 percent – report that giving flowers makes them happy. So, not only did we pay it forward and make peoples’ day, but we gave recipients a chance to do the same, in a big way. They received two bouquets, one to keep (big smiles!) and one to share with a loved one, coworker, or even a stranger who needed a lift (off-the-chart smiles!). Read More

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SmileSome days the skies are grey, the world seems like it’s on your shoulders, and no matter what you do you just can’t seem to catch a break. These are the days that you could use some cheering up. Times that you daydream about taking a vacation to Tahiti, think about quitting your job or feel like disappearing under the covers to watch hours of bad reality TV.

We all have these kinds of days.

As human beings, it is impossible to be happy all the time. It’s normal to have emotions that make you feel mad and sad. While you don’t want to stay stuck in the dumps, feeling emotions like anger and sadness is healthy. The trick is to touch those feelings, have the emotion, and then turn your frown upside down!

Most of us, however, weren’t given the tools to elevate our emotions in healthy ways. Thankfully we live in a time where you’ve been told that things like yoga, meditating, and going for a walk can clear your mind and boost your happiness levels. And maybe you have even tried these and found how beneficial they can be.

But there is another way to transform negative feelings into happiness that is usually overlooked and under utilized, but has the ability to turn your mood around in mere minutes. Read More

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BlogPhotoSept15It can be argued that, in certain aspects, we have become a society based on materialism, instant gratification and a continual stream of rewards. For many people, this has led to feeling cluttered, overwhelmed and overstimulated. This is especially prevalent during the late autumn and early winter months of October, November and December. But you can break these patterns and bring even greater meaning to your life with three easy steps.

Step One: Find your way back to the simple pleasures in life. Take some time to “unplug” and rekindle your connection with nature. In other words: stop and smell the roses…or lilies, freesia, carnations, etc. Flowers positively simulate our senses, especially those related to vision and smell. In fact, flowers are scientifically proven to create instant delight and increase life satisfaction. You can get the benefits of connecting with nature and flowers without even leaving your home or office. Earlier this year, a nationwide survey by the Society of American Florists (SAF) found that three in four people believe that flowers in their home or office improve their mood and disposition. Read More