Well, it is March and we are ready for spring. The only problem is that the weatherman isn’t always ready for spring, but there is a quick fix. We can’t control spring outdoors, but we sure can bring it indoors. With a few simple additions, spring is in the air.

We immediately associate bulb flowers such as iris, tulips, hyacinth and daffodils, with spring. Fortunately, both as cut flowers and plants, these gorgeous blooms are readily available and just waiting to become part of our introduction to spring. The great thing about bulb flowers is they are splendid on their own and don’t need a lot of fussing to make them look fabulous.

CarolCaggiano-DaffodilsHaving guests for dinner or just want to make it a special family evening? Grace the table with a few white irises placed in glass vases with a touch of spring green hydrangea and candles to match. It couldn’t be easier but looks like you put in a lot of effort. I have found that using smaller individual vases instead of one larger vase or bowl is fast and flexible. You can adjust the length and width of the floral display easily to fit the table setting.


Spring comes in many stages and watching the transition of brown winter to colorful spring is half the fun. Bulb plants bring that feeling of wonder into our homes. Select a hyacinth plant, tulip or daffodil that is just beginning to show a bloom. You may not even be able to determine what color it is yet, but that is OK. Bulb plants mature pretty quickly so to get the maximum enjoyment out of the plant buying them in an immature state is preferable. Find a spot in your home or office where the plant can get some sun (but not too much, or the plant will bloom too soon) and where you can enjoy watching them develop. Every day will show more and more of the beautiful colorful blooms.


Tulips are my personal favorite. They come in the most glorious colors and because they continue to grow and move, their animated nature brings life into any room. One bunch just cut and dropped into an interesting container makes a statement all its own with minimal skill needed to make it look great. Here again, as with the bulb plants, I recommend selecting stems that are just showing the slightest bit of color but are still quite green. They too will develop quickly. Never purchase plants or cut blooms where the foliage has yellowed. It usually indicates that the product is not fresh.


Flowering branches such as forsythia and pussy willow are two other choices for bringing the outdoors in. Select branches that are in bud but not showing open blooms. Cut the stems and place in tall containers with floral preservative. You will get weeks of enjoyment out of these lovely harbingers of spring. I have found that when pussy willow is fully developed, if you remove it from water and then place dry in a vase, it will dry exactly at that stage and you can keep it for months, even years. The trick is to remove it from water before it starts to pollinate and go to seed.

Sometimes we want to get a little more creative with our plants and flowers. Add an accessory, select an interesting container or put several plants together to create a spring garden. The possibilities are endless; it’s all up to you. Whatever you choose, whether it is simple or a burst of creativity, bringing bulbs into your home will definitely bring spring along with them.

Need some help? Visit your local florist for unique spring varieties and beautiful, cheerful designs to brighten your day.