KitchenFlowersFall is my favorite time of year. Bright colored leaves, crisp air and blue skies give me energy and inspire me to get to those projects I have conveniently put aside. A fire in the fireplace, hot tea or a cup of hot chocolate, makes an autumn afternoon something really special. But along with all the beauty of fall comes the shorter days. We all know there is always the same amount of hours in the day no matter what time of year it is, but when it gets dark so early we often feel like our days are shorter. This feeling can be mood dampening, if not just downright depressing. We go to work in the dark and come home in the dark — yuck.

But lets get back to the good stuff.

The colors of fall are anything but depressing, as gorgeous oranges, corals, peaches, reds, burgundy, earthy browns, golds, purples and even touches of chartreuse surround us. What if we bring these attractive hues into our home with flowers? What an easy way to celebrate the vibrancy of the season and keep that energy positive and glorious.

It’s been proven through research that flowers make people happy. So flowers are a natural remedy for those “dark days blues” that often sets in with the time change from daylight savings time. You may come home in the dark, but when you open the door and come into your home and the first thing you see is a cheery arrangement of orange lilies, coral roses, hypericum berry or any of many combinations of fall blooms, can a smile be far away?OrangeRoses

Whether the flowers are few or many, the effect is still the same. It’s so easy to have flowers at home, and what a big difference they make.


I can’t imagine not having flowers in my house, and I guess that entices me to make sure my friends and family have flowers. I have found that giving flowers is a mood changer as well. If flowers make me happy, then I know they will make others happy, too. Whenever I have the opportunity I send or bring flowers. It not only makes the recipient happy, but I find an overall feeling of happiness myself when giving flowers. It’s a guaranteed “two for one.” I especially choose flowers when I know someone needs cheering up. Flowers work every time.

Don’t forget that plants work to celebrate the season as well. This time of year, chrysanthemum plants are plentiful and long lasting. They come in so many fabulous hues it’s hard to pick your favorite.


Whether you choose plants or flowers or both, bringing these beautiful blooms into your home will make even the darkest days seem bright.

What strategies do you use to beat the dark days blues?