Halloween-FBIt’s time to get your black and orange on, light up those pumpkins and sharpen those sweet tooth fangs. Halloween is hiding just around the corner! Planning a party with friends? Halloween can be one of the easiest and most fun events to pull out your decorating magic tricks.

Let’s first start with the front door. Creating a fun and freaky entrance always sets the mood for the party. Go traditional with corn stalks, jack-o’-lanterns and spider webs, or go all out with animated creatures, lighting and sound effects. It cannot be too over the top. Just be careful with actual live candles. Make sure you are fire-safe with candles in fire-resistant containers of glass or metal.

With a few well-placed accents, some sheer draping over lamps and plenty of candlelight, your living room can take on the look of a suitable “parlor” of horror. Hanging black sheer or lace over mirrors as they used to do back in the day for funerals also adds a spooky touch. Throw in a couple of inexpensive strobe lights, and your haunted home is set.

For the buffet table, ask your best “ghoul friend” (aka your florist) to create a spooktacular centerpiece with pumpkins, branches, fall leaves, berries and flowers — such as deep blood red hybrid lilies, orange roses and gerberas — as well as festive plastic skeletons, rubber spiders and “spider webs”.

Now get into your favorite costume, order pizza and let the horror movie marathon begin.

How do you celebrate Halloween with flowers?