The Bride’s Café inspired us to choose ‘Great Gatsby’ glamour as the theme for the first VaseOff! Challenge.

To help us create the first-ever VaseOff! Challenge, we asked our favorite wedding bloggers to join in on the fun. We’d like to extend a special thanks to The Bride’s Café founder Janie and her fabulous readers, who inspired us to choose ‘Great Gatsby’ glamour as the theme for the first competition. Our four award-winning floral designers are hard at work, creating stunning bridal bouquets that capture the elegance of the roaring ’20s. You’ll get to see and vote on their gorgeous bridal bouquets this Monday, right here on our blog.

Blogs like The Bride’s Café and ours are wonderful places to turn to for wedding ideas and inspiration. From photos of real weddings to floral designs, you’ll quickly learn what you like, what you love, and what you absolutely can’t live without on your big day. Print out your favorite blog posts and photos and bring them to your appointments with your wedding florist.  This will help them see your vision and bring it to life.

Thanks again to all who participated in sharing ideas for our first VaseOff! Challenge. Be sure to come back and vote for your favorite Great Gatsby bouquet on Monday, April 9, and join us on Tuesday, April 10 for our Wedding Flowers Twitter Party.