Bud vases can be a wonderful way to add cheer to the home and office. They are an affordable luxury that can make us feel better in the darkest days of winter. We shared some fun ideas in part one of this series.

Here are some additional ideas to make your bud vases exciting and vibrant. Try them yourself or ask your favorite florist.

Experiment with different flowers or greens

Try out new botanicals. Incorporate flowers or foliages that you have never previously brought home. Bud vases enable you to do this at low cost. It gives you a way to see how well you live with these items to decide if these materials will become part of your permanent floral repertoire.

Experiment with positive and negative space

Positive space is the space filled with the flowers and containers. Negative space is the empty area around the containers and floral content. Use branches to do cool things to enclose and make space part of your florals.

More can be better: Try small attached containers

You can get small containers that are made up of attached smaller components. They are easy to use and fun to show off. 

Designing under the water level

Just as we can design under the water level with larger floral pieces, so too can we create small designs. It gives a totally different kind of look. 


Play with your greens

Foliage can be used by itself or coupled with even the most common everyday flowers to come up with a startling structural, architectural look.

Novelties are always fun

Flowers make people smile, as do novelties. Mix them together for even more potent results.


Go wild with decorative wire and colored floral foam

Decorative wires can add so much to your bud vase type designs. Foam is now available in a rainbow of colors. Ask your florist to incorporate these colored foams into designs created in glassware. 


Create holiday cheer

Don’t forget that you can make bud vase type designs for specific holidays such as Valentine’s Day. This small celebration doesn’t take much space and is fun to look upon throughout the day, or to enhance a gift.



What are your favorite bud vase ideas that you have learned? Are you ready to experiment with flowers?