Be Grateful for RainFor 15 years, I’ve been in the trenches of disordered homes and offices across America. Every cluttered environment has one thing in common: what we focus on changes us.

The more we live in chaos – intentionally or through neglect – the more we reap that dividend. Those who choose to take back their lives and their environments make an investment in peace and fulfillment.

How we view obstacles determines the quality of our life. Loss, frustrations, and conflicts present themselves to us all, and our mindset will determine our outcomes.

I’ve taken on the belief that setbacks in life are not only temporary but that they are stepping stones. I practiced that belief, until it took root inside me. I have chosen to claim victory over the hardships and to be thankful for them –because I now know that this little bit of rain is actually watering the soil of my life!

You, too, can be grateful for the “rain” when you take on the understanding that obstacles are just veiled opportunities and that your soil is being enriched by them. A thankful attitude is an investment in a peaceful, fulfilled life. It can help you live like a flower – nimbly and gracefully in all kinds of weather and refreshed by the rain.

Below are some ideas, from my own life and experience as an executive organizer and life manager, of how to reclaim both your mental and physical space:

  1. Receive the rain. Look at life’s circumstances–not as inconveniences or intrusions–but as enrichment to your soil. Even the tough stuff can bring growth, and even beauty, to your life. Determine to always become better, not bitter.
  2. Refine your transitions. Make your transitions stress-free: give attention to your going-and-coming spaces. Set up a mudroom or hallway where coats, boots, gloves, keys and sunglasses can be easily placed for grab-and-go ease, and welcoming and orderly returns. Display flowers and plants in the area to greet you and help keep clutter at bay.
  3. Reconsider your remnants. Pause to enjoy (and even photograph) the overlooked, dirty, or disruptive things, instead of perceiving a nuisance. Snap a mental or actual picture of the muddy boots by the front door, the dishes piled up, the toys lurking under the couch. Remember that these are actually evidence of what we DO have – the beautiful blessings of today.
  4. Refuse the daily grind. Infuse your busy life with little pleasures that invite you to breathe in the sweet joys that no circumstance can steal. Take the doors off your kitchen cabinets so you can behold your pretty dishes, add a small vase of flowers in the kitchen or laundry room, tuck love notes inside your spouse’s pocket.
  5. Reclaim your priorities. Prioritize your life around that which matters most. Resolve to live with no regrets by putting first the relationships and moments that count. And, like a flower, you will be happier living when the rain comes, you will have the roots and support system to weather the storm and rebound resiliently.

In my own home, I like to “reclaim” real estate with unexpected bouquets – after all, I clear the space on the counter or coffee table to make room for the sweet statement of peace.

I hope some of these ideas bring you a ray of sunshine and hope if you have experienced some rain in your life lately. May you allow the light of order and beauty to outshine the darkness. This is accomplished with a mind shift into gratitude for what we DO have…and we all have so much!

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This is part of the Live Like a Flower series.

Vicki Norris, president of Restoring Order® – a professional organizing service for homes and businesses, has turned her passion for order into a lifestyle brand helping consumers lighten up so they can live their true priorities.