Babies are such a joy! Decorating baby showers and sending baby shower gifts is so much fun. Florists can decorate any party, including baby showers. You know to turn to your local florist for centerpieces and hostess gifts, but florists also can create baby shower decorations and gifts such as storks for the front yard, ribbon wreaths, diaper baskets, diaper cakes and flower cakes. And of course, corsages for the new mom and grandmothers to wear to the party.

Elephant-FBOne of the hottest baby items we’re seeing today in the flower shop is animal grapevine baskets. The grapevine baskets come in an array of animals — dogs, frogs, bears, and cats. Fill the baskets with any plant you desire. Send them to new moms. They get excited about the plant being something they can keep and grow with their newborn babies.  Or use the grapevine baskets as cute baby shower party favors.

Next time you have a celebration coming up, talk to your local florist for gift suggestions and party decoration ideas.