SAF_LLAF_SoakSun_404X404Ever notice on bright and sunny days how everyone seems happy? Just like flowers need light, people need happy thoughts and moments to grow. As a personal change expert, I know how easy it is to live like a flower and embrace the sunny side of life. Here are a few simple tips that will really lift your mood:

Uplift with orange. Color therapists say colors really do affect our moods. The happiest color? Orange. It promotes optimism, enthusiasm, and a sense of uplift. Choose orange flowers—roses, gerberas, lilies, ranunculus, alstroemeria, tulips—to put on your desk and see your mood soar.

Tune into happy tunes. Music is a very powerful happiness creator. Choose songs that make you feel good, whether that’s through inspiring lyrics or the rhythm. Want to boost your mood even more? Singing has been shown to be a great way to lift your spirits, lower blood pressure, and decrease depression. Get your family or roommates involved in the fun. If you’re self-conscious, sing in the car when you’re alone. Read More