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BlogPhotoSept15It can be argued that, in certain aspects, we have become a society based on materialism, instant gratification and a continual stream of rewards. For many people, this has led to feeling cluttered, overwhelmed and overstimulated. This is especially prevalent during the late autumn and early winter months of October, November and December. But you can break these patterns and bring even greater meaning to your life with three easy steps.

Step One: Find your way back to the simple pleasures in life. Take some time to “unplug” and rekindle your connection with nature. In other words: stop and smell the roses…or lilies, freesia, carnations, etc. Flowers positively simulate our senses, especially those related to vision and smell. In fact, flowers are scientifically proven to create instant delight and increase life satisfaction. You can get the benefits of connecting with nature and flowers without even leaving your home or office. Earlier this year, a nationwide survey by the Society of American Florists (SAF) found that three in four people believe that flowers in their home or office improve their mood and disposition. Read More

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Profound Emotions Tied to Tradition

by Dak Kopec on June 21, 2015 at 3:34 pm

GardenRosesTradition is the history of society. Many traditions, such as weddings, are accentuated by the use of flowers and beautifully arranged bouquets. The floral aromas stimulate our senses and bring back memories of those happy occasions for years to come. The scent of lilac blooms and garden roses always take me back to the excitement and joy I felt as a child knowing that summer vacation was just around the corner. While those fun-filled summer breaks from my childhood are long behind me, the scents of the season continue to evoke those feelings.

It’s not surprising that flowers and plants have been a part of human traditions since humans began to walk the Earth. In ancient Greece, for example, ivy represented enduring love. Early Romans carried herbs under their veils to ward off evil spirits and ensure fertility. Flowers continue to have a strong impact on us. Scientific research reveals that flowers make intimate connections, leading us to have increased contact with family and friends, and have an immediate impact on happiness. Read More