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Fall Home Decorating Tips

by Kelli Ellis on October 5, 2011 at 2:26 pm

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Fall is here, and it’s one of my favorite seasons. The trees begin to change their colors, the weather begins to cool, and the smell of holidays begins to fill the minds of everyone. It’s the busiest time of year for us interior designers, running around to help our clients get that perfect look for the holidays.

In addition to fluffy pillows, plush throw blankets and fall colored candles, the wonderful thing about fall decorating is that Mother Nature has done the work for you. The best fall looks come from the natural colors of the season: pumpkins, leaves, tree branches, gourds, and autumn-colored flowers. Read More

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Relive Your Vacation at Home with Flowers

by Kelli Ellis on September 12, 2011 at 2:22 pm

This past summer was wonderful for my family, full of new experiences and travel. And as we reluctantly returned to our everyday routines, ramped up our school and work lives, I was clinging to that “vacation feeling.” You know the one I am talking about … beautiful new environments, room service, unfamiliar yet gorgeous décor, room service, indigenous flora and fauna, room service! (Sigh) While being served a beautiful breakfast on my cruise ship balcony and gripping a Costa Rican Cosmo watching the tree monkeys, I realized that “vacation feeling” is when we love to travel. Read More

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Create the Perfect Back to School Workspace

by Kelli Ellis on August 4, 2011 at 10:47 am
New Home Office

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As we approach the end of summer, the “back to school” mantra begins to fill the airwaves. As the parent of two teen daughters, I know how important it is to my girls they have “everything perfect” before the work can begin. It may just be their perfect excuse to redesign their workspaces every year, but why chance the great grades?

So not to add to your long list of school supplies, here are just a few inexpensive tricks to make your child’s study area — or even your home office — ready for the new school year. Read More

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Summer is in full swing, and it’s time for outdoor entertaining. Gather your friends and family to celebrate and enjoy the relaxing warm weather. Thanks to trendy and beautiful outdoor spaces with all the comfort of interior rooms, we have blurred the lines between indoor and outdoor entertaining. The secret to stunning summer entertaining is to bring your favorite indoor decor items outdoors and have fun decorating with them. A few simple steps and your summer celebrations can begin.

1.    Seating Plan. Decide if guests will dine at tables, eat while standing or lounge in deck chairs. If you are having a family-style gathering, be sure everyone can sit together at one table or join tables for a traditional meal. If you’re having a large crowd, think “vignettes” creating small seating areas. Using colorful indoor rugs to create seating areas adds a touch of elegance.

2.    Nightlights. If your soirée lasts past sundown, impress your guests with ambient light. Think about your theme and choose lights accordingly. For family-style entertaining, strings of lights overhead fit the bill. For casual fun, colored paper lanterns hanging from patios or trees set the mood. For an inexpensive option, weave strands of small, clear lights through trees, shrubs and fences. I prefer candles in torches and hurricanes on every surface to create a romantic setting. For extra large parties, create “rooms” with tiki torches, and don’t forget to line your walkways. Read More

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Flowers in the Living Room

For a structured, contemporary look, bunch together a group of single stems in separate vases. Flowers featured: tulip, lisianthus, freesia

One thing interior designers know is that small can make a huge impact. Just think of the finishing touches we put in highly styled rooms: the right picture frame, a collection of books or that must-have wall hanging. These are the accessories that say a room is “done.” But there is one trick, the bud vase, which with the right flowers adds sparkle, a dash of color and a special touch to your room.

Whether you are contemporary in taste or classic and traditional, there is a bud vase for you.

But there’s a twist: you need more than one.

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