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Be a Thankful House Guest

by Jeanne Benedict on August 1, 2011 at 10:17 am

Flowers on a NightstandThere’s nothing better than an invitation to a friend’s cottage on a cove or a vacation condo in the mountains for a weekend getaway. The mere gesture of a host opening up their home to guests is such an act of generosity, that a reciprocal show of hospitality is almost a “manners must.”

Show your appreciation as a house guest with some of these ideas, and chances are, you’ll be invited back for years to come. Read More

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Summer is all about relaxing in the great outdoors while spending time with friends and family. Two of my favorite ways to celebrate the season are serving inventive fresh food and decorating with imaginative floral arrangements. But, you still want to keep things “easy breezy” so you can enjoy your get together and catch up with guests. Even though most summer gatherings are casual, a theme is still a good idea as it streamlines planning. You probably have some delicious recipes or colors in mind, so why not choose a theme based on them. Touch base with your florist who will have some amazing floral decorating ideas that will enhance your gathering and hold up in the heat. Here are a couple of summer entertaining ideas to get you started. Read More

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Mad About Mini Floral Arrangements

by Jeanne Benedict on June 20, 2011 at 10:24 am

Cocktail TableThe personality of a party is in the details from food to flowers. Just as an artistic garnish finishes off an appetizer, mini floral arrangements that echo larger flower displays can finish off the overall design and feel of a fete and come together to compose a gorgeous grouping as the centerpiece itself on a tabletop.

Grand Florals with Multiple Minis

Go mad with mini flower arrangements to maximize the visual impact of an event. Think “big splash” with lots of “ripples” throughout the room. The “splash” can be a centerpiece on a table or a welcoming flower display in the foyer, and the “ripples” are the complementary mini florals imaginatively placed around the space. Read More

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Mother’s Day is a time for families to be together. Starting Mother’s Day with a lovely brunch is a perfect way to say thanks and show mom how much she’s appreciated. Here are three simple tips to celebrate the special day:

Tip 1: Have Breakfast in Bed

There’s nothing sweeter than breakfast-in-bed on Mother’s Day with dad and the kids presenting mom with a tray full of goodies and a homemade card. But, many like to spend the day with grandma and close mom friends and other family as well. So, if the get-together is at your home, keep things as easy as possible, and elicit the help of your family, so you can enjoy your day, too.

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Royal Wedding Inspiration

by Jeanne Benedict on April 7, 2011 at 12:00 pm

Prince William to marry Kate Middleton -- Photo by Oldmaison

With the Royal Wedding just weeks away, most of the world is focused on one thing: Kate. Yes, a bride on her wedding day trumps kings, queens, and princes. I certainly have mused over what Miss Middleton will wear, but as an entertaining expert, food and flowers are what excite me the most about this milestone event!

Clues About Kate’s Colors
It’s just a hunch, but I think Kate Middleton’s engagement ring, the heirloom sapphire that once graced Princess Diana’s finger, will inspire the color palette for her wedding to Prince William. Blue seems to be a favorite of the princess-to-be, as she was radiant in a royal blue dress when the couple announced their engagement on TV. Look for that gorgeous sapphire color paired with pastel-toned shoes, sashes, and grand flowers in complementary hues on April 29th in Westminster Abbey!
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