SAF_LLAF_Pollinate_404X404Positive energy is positively contagious. Throughout my book Feng Shui Your Life and with each and every client, I offer practical techniques for bringing positive energy into their hearts, homes and lives. When you share this positive energy and happiness with others, you can uplift their lives in countless ways. As an added benefit, you’ll receive loads of it in return! Below are my simple tips to “live like a flower” and pollinate by transmitting your optimism, kindness and love to change a person’s day or quite possibly their life.

Radiate joy & happiness. Start every day in a good mood, and let your happiness uplift others. Make someone laugh with a funny joke, or share a hilarious memory on Facebook. Smile. Wear clothing with a positive message. If you need a jump start in the morning, think flowers. Research from Harvard shows looking at flowers first thing in the morning makes you feel less anxious, more compassionate and more energetic throughout the day.

Celebrate & acknowledge people. Make an effort to praise and compliment friends, family and co-workers. When you celebrate someone’s accomplishment or efforts, large or small, it can make their day and give them confidence to continue on. Taking special notice of unique qualities, hard work and time spent is a gift and a blessing. Marking those special times with flowers will keep you in their memories forever.  Read More