Flowers for the kitchen

Having guests to my home is something I truly enjoy. I like to cook, set a nice table and fuss over small details that show my guests that I am excited they came. One of those very special details is fresh flowers. For me, that is as important as planning the menu or making sure the house is in order. I am one of those people that have at least a small vase of fresh flowers in my home all the time. Usually placed on the kitchen table, they make me feel good and things just don’t feel right if they are not there.  So you can imagine that when I am having company I “kick it up a notch.”

The dinner table is always a focal point and I usually put some extra effort there. It could be formal in the dining room or more casual out on the porch but either way I would never consider not having flowers as part of the setting.

Fill a collection of bottles with blooms

A collection of vases or bottles is my favorite choice of containers and I fill them with individual blooms depending on the time of year or what color theme I am working with. Sometimes I pick the flowers first and then work everything else to match or I could do it the other way around. Setting the table is the fun part. Working with different combinations of linens, flowers, dishes and glassware is creatively challenging and the end result usually turns out beautifully.

Flowers in the bathroom add a nice touch

If I am having a larger party I’ll put some flowers in the bathrooms and living room as well. The house looks so much nicer with flowers placed here and there. They add something special and bring life to the rooms they enhance. For overnight guests the flowers get a little more intense and I always place a few in the guest bedroom and bath. What could be more welcoming or make a guest feel more special?

Float blooms in a bowl

For some, the thought of placing flowers may seem overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Keep it simple and don’t let it get complicated. First, a collection of simple attractive vases and bottles is a must. If you have the right containers for the right spaces then dropping in a flower or two becomes easy. And note that I said a flower or two. It does not need to be a large multi-bloom arrangement to work. Sometimes even just floating a few blooms in a lovely low bowl or container gives you just the right touch. And what could be easier?

For the flower selection I suggest all one color (monochromatic) or all one type of flower (monobotanic) if you are unsure. Either way, a few stems in a vase look great and you can get it right every time. Try to contrast the color in the room for greater impact.

Flowers for the guest room

For example, yellow flowers in a blue room or orange in a neutral tone environment. Flowers can be the easiest, quickest and least expensive way to add ambiance and a feeling of luxury to any space. If you are having guests, flowers are a welcoming touch; however, every day feels special when there are flowers in the house!

Do you agree? What are your favorite floral decorating ideas?

Simple blooms make an impact