As Clouds Fall Into The Forest inspired by Emily
by Debra C. Doukas

I enjoyed getting to know Emily and her love of nature and the outdoors through her Today’s Letters blog and Pinterest boards. Her July 11 post {Gratitude} Lately, inspired me the most when developing the design style and selecting flowers, particularly the photo where she is fishing and the quote, “For sunny mornings when fish don’t bite and clouds as soft as cotton.” I looked at the background with the trees and clouds to create this floral piece to reflect the feeling of the clouds falling into the forest and becoming engrained together. I kept the colors neutral with just the greens and whites of the landscape to represent the forest and clouds.

As Clouds Fall Into The Forest

Flowers and materials featured: Succulents, white hydrangeas, green dendrobium orchids, white stock, seeded eucalyptus, dusty miller, hypericum berry, tricillium, curly willow branches, reindeer moss, a piece of driftwood as the container

Debra C. DoukasAbout the Florist: Debra C. Doukas

Debra is a wedding/event planner at Nanz & Kraft Florists in Louisville, Ky., where she has worked for 22 years. She holds two bachelor’s degrees from Bellarmine University and is working on her master’s at Spalding University. Debra has an extended list of long-term customers who value her skills and creativity. From a chuppah for a roof-top wedding to goldfish in vases with flowers for a child’s birthday party, she can’t say she has seen or done it all, but she comes pretty close every day.

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blogger_emilyAbout the Blogger: Emily

Emily began Today’s Letters in 2010 as a result of encouragement from friends and family who enjoyed the inspirational daily letters she posted on Facebook about the random things she came across during the day, such as the food she’d eaten, places she’d been, and of course the letters she sent to her husband, Tim. Emily and Tim lived in Dallas for 10 years and thought it would have been the perfect city for them if it were only in the mountains, right by the ocean with a downtown ballpark, four real seasons, and a ready supply of Blue Bell Ice Cream & Magic Shell. Their search for a slower pace of life and love for the outdoors led them to move to Louisville, Ky. Her blog has the tagline, “There are many things that can change a life … a letter is one of them.”