White HydrangeaWith floral arrangements, the beautiful flowers take center stage. I want to shine the spotlight on an often-overlooked part that truly adds a unique dynamic to the floral presentation — foliage.

The creative use of foliage gives floral arrangements incredible star power. Foliage is tremendously versatile with their shapes, surface structures and colors. Because there are so many ways to manipulate foliage — folding, binding, weaving, layering, collaring, and sewing — they offer a variety of design possibilities. Here are examples.

Blue HydrangeaA compact bouquet becomes grander when crisscrossing arches of long, thin strands of flax, bear grass or lily grass surround the flowers overhead.Aspidistra

Packed and layered leaves randomly clustered among flowers and berries add texture.

Even the smallest bouquet turns heads when foliage is used dramatically; such as encircling a bouquet with aspidistra leaves.

Arrangement with Aspidistra Leaves Ask your florist to show you how foliage can enhance a floral arrangement.

What are some creative uses of foliage you’ve seen in floral designs?