Modern Garden — Flower Trends Forecast, Showers bring May Flowers. Or, you could say, April is the perfect month for showers. Baby showers and bridal showers fill the springtime month. It’s not a surprise when you take a look at the calendar. Most weddings are held in the summer – June through August. More babies are born in the summer than any other time of the year. Thus, if you want to shower someone with love prior to the big event, April wins with May a close runner-up.

Take a look at Pinterest and you will see too many inspirational pictures to count. Tips for food, tips for flowers, tips for décor and tips for party games. Scanning through the photo feed, your eyes begin to blur. And, let’s not even start with Instagram! There are hundreds of thousands of more ideas there.

How do you even begin planning a shower with such a plethora of options? Take a deep breath and start with the most important thing – flowers. Adding flowers to the event makes it a grand celebration. Fill the house with flowers (and delicious food) and everything else will fall into place. Stop in and visit with your florist.  They can help you pick flowers that coordinate with your theme and hunt down the guest of honor’s favorite blooms.

Bridal showers come in so many variations. Is it a garden party, tea party, kitchen shower or lingerie shower? For the flower lover, the modern garden theme can set the tone for gifting treasures for the newlywed’s home. On trend with rose gold and blush hues, you can complete the look with dessert served on vintage plates and adorned with edible blooms. It’s almost too pretty to eat!

Dessert Plate -Kesler-FloralDesignInstitute

Baby showers too, have so many variations. Is it a first child, second or third? Do you know if it’s a boy or girl — will there be a grand gender reveal? If the shower includes a gender reveal, opt for an eclectic mix that includes a bit of pink and a bit of blue. Adding coral and yellow for a sorbet palette is delightful.

Sorbet — Flower Trends Forecast

When choosing your foods, also plan a neutral palette. You don’t want any thing to spoil the surprise of the grand reveal! Deviled eggs are always a favorite! A little hint: If you add a touch of sour cream and a hint of horseradish they are super rich and yummy!

Deviled Eggs - Leanne-and-David-Kesler,-Floral-Design-Institute,-Inc.,-in-Portland,-Oregon

If a baby girl is on the way, there are so many fabulous pink blooms to choose from. Start with a ribbon enhanced table runner for a vintage look. Add in assorted vintage glass vases and drop in a single favorite bloom. Ranunculuses are a favorite. It’s equally as beautiful with peonies, roses or tulips. This component style design can be dismantled and become grand floral “favors” to send home with each guest.


Of course, a gathering of “women folk” is not complete without a touch of chocolate. A cream filled tart with chocolate sauce and berries is a delicious way to end the celebration.

Chocolate Tart - Leanne-and-David-Kesler,-Floral-Design-Institute,-Inc.,-in-Portland,-Oregon

Stay on trend with the blue theme for a baby boy’s shower.

Lapis Luxury — Flower Trends Forecast

Accented with jewels, it is a sophisticated look for the contemporary mother-to-be. Look closely and you will see fabulous hand-dyed orchids. Your floral professional knows all the tricks and techniques for bringing true blue to your flower palette.

For a chocolate touch to match, glittered bonbons are a special treat.

BonBons - Leanne-and-David-Kesler,-Floral-Design-Institute,-Inc.,-in-Portland,-Oregon

The arrival of spring is just the beginning. April does bring showers. The summer months will be filled with weddings and babies, birthdays and anniversaries. A lot! Check your calendar now. For every celebration, don’t forget the flowers!

A ruffled bouquet says “I love you, you’re special and enjoy your day.”

Spring Ruffled Flowers-Leanne-and-David-Kesler,-Floral-Design-Institute,-Inc.,-in-Portland,-Oregon

And, the extra special touch of flowers and a cookie … what a decadent delight.

Cookie Flower-Leanne-and-David-Kesler,-Floral-Design-Institute,-Inc.,-in-Portland,-Oregon.jpg