Over the last two weeks, flower enthusiasts, bloggers, and florists have reviewed the entries and cast their votes in the Society of American Florists’ VaseOff! All-Stars Challenge. For the grand finale in our series of online floral design competitions, we had the five winning florists from previous VaseOff! Challenges go head-to-head and compete for the ultimate title: VaseOff! All-Stars Champion! Each contestant was tasked with creating an arrangement that inspires a friend to live life to the fullest, depicting the notion, “Live Colorfully – Dare to be Different.”

Which design inspired you most? Outta the Box by Bryan Swann. Congratulations to Bryan, the VaseOff! All-Stars Champion!

OUTTA THE BOX By Bryan Swann

“A dear friend taught me one of the best life lessons, which is to live every day to the fullest. Embrace life,” Swann said describing his floral arrangement. “As floral artists, we are able to convey that lesson through the beauty of flowers. I have always loved the inherent energy that is found in the colors of hot pink, purple and coral. I started my design by creating a box with the liatris and then wove the other elements throughout this forest of liatris to bring the design Outta the Box!”

All of the entries showcased the theme Live Colorfully – Dare to be Different, and we thank our other contestants for sharing their talents with us: Walter Fedyshyn and Art Pop, Rowena Johnson and Color Your World, Tony Medlock and Flowing River, and Coby Neal and A Case for Life.

The five VaseOff! Challenge entries represent the artistry, expertise, quality and customization that you get from working with a professional florist. A floral gift can inspire and empower, and is a great way to congratulate a graduate, celebrate a friend’s new job or promotion, or simply say “thinking of you” to make someone’s day special.

We thank the bloggers who helped spread the word about this VaseOff! Challenge: Stefanie Fauquet of Mommy Musings, Bethany Herwegh of The Glamorous Housewife, Kelly Stilwell of Virtually Yours, and Linda Vertlieb of Frugal Philly Mom.

And finally, thank you to YOU — our readers. Thank you for following along and voting, and for your love of flowers! We hope you have enjoyed our VaseOff! Challenges as much as we have and have gained a better understanding of the expertise and talents of florists.

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