For the past two weeks, flower enthusiasts, bloggers, and florists have reviewed the entries and cast their vote for the floral design they think best reflects the personality of its unique recipient in our Surprise Flowers VaseOff! ChallengeProfessional florists specialize in creating unique personalized floral arrangements, so we asked our four contestants to design and deliver a custom arrangement to highlight the one-of-a-kind taste and style of a popular blogger in their area based on their blogs and Pinterest pages. 

Which design won? Lemonesque by Walter Fedyshyn. Congratulations, Walter!


We challenged Walter to design a custom floral arrangement for Melissa, the blogger behind “Bubby & Bean.” He gathered ideas from some of her pins on her Pinterest boards.

“Melissa’s collections of plants, garden and travel photos and write ups guided me to her passion for nature and organic materials,” Walter said describing the inspiration behind his design. “Grey and yellow are clearly her favorite colors. Her love of summer and casual living shines through in my arrangement with the use of sunflowers as a focal point. But let’s not forget the living lemon balm plant, Melissa’s namesake botanical. I believe this arrangement represents some of Melissa’s favorite things, translated thru florals.”

All of the VaseOff! Challenge entries were perfectly matched to their recipients, and we want to give our other contestants a big round of applause for sharing their amazing talents with us, and thank the bloggers for letting our contestants reveal their personalities in flowers: Lola Bayle of Blooms at the Windmill in Sumner, Wash., created “Bluebird” for Delightfully Tacky; Debra C. Doukas of Nanz & Kraft Florists in Louisville, Ky., designed “As Clouds Fall into the Forest” for Today’s Letters; and Jeffrey Rohr of Playa Del Rey Florist in Playa Del Rey, Calif., customized “Hot Pink Passion” for The Glamorous Housewife.

These four VaseOff! Challenge entries represent the artistry, expertise, quality and customization that you get from working with a professional florist. Your local florist can arrange a unique custom floral gift sure to delight your loved ones, for those special life occasions or simply just because.

This is our final VaseOff! of 2013, and, we have a super big floral design challenge in the works for 2014. You won’t want to miss it! Until then, I hope you’ll continue visiting our blog to find out about exciting floral trends and post comments telling us about your experiences with flowers.