Just Married - Blumz by JRDesigns in metro DetroitI recently had the honor to create floral designs for a truly unique wedding. The bride, Leigh, is a down-to-earth young lady who wanted a fun, funky and festive wedding that also encompassed traditional values.

While the ceremony was traditional Catholic, the reception was anything but traditional. It entertained many of today’s hottest wedding reception trends.

The overall “look” and theme of the wedding experience began with the invitations, which featured a bird and branch motif in dark blue and apple green. This selection determined the color scheme, and set into motion everything else.

Here is an overview of this amazing wedding reception:

Wedding Reception Trend: Unique Venue

A local farmers market, an open space usually filled with a diverse collection of booths and eclectic merchandise new and vintage, held the reception. 

Wedding planning tip: Provide the florist and other key professionals with information about the reception site. The mother of the bride provided diagrams drawn to scale of the space and planned the initial layout of the tables, chairs and primary stations and other key areas. She even color-coded the diagram and made detailed notes — a tremendous help for planning the decorations.

Blue and Green Reception - Blumz by JRDesigns in metro Detroit
Wedding Reception Trend: Mixed Table Shapes

With a big empty space and 320 guests, how do you seat them? The farmers market supplied plastic 6-foot banquet tables and chairs, but with that many guests it was not enough. Padded folding chairs were rented, large square tables were formed from two market rectangle tables placed side by side, and then the bride rented additional 60-inch round tables to make up the difference. The varied tables helped reduce the monotony of a room full of all one shape.

Wedding planning tip: While you may think it will save you money to use a less expensive non-traditional venue such as the market or a family’s backyard, keep in mind, EVERYTHING must be brought in. From the flatware, plates and glassware to things as simple as trash cans, food service equipment and utensils, every detail must be provided. These expenses add up, making some off-site weddings just as expensive as or even more so than a traditional reception hall.
Green Centerpiece - Blumz by JRDesigns in metro Detroit

Wedding Reception Trend: Catering via Food Trucks

Because the venue was not designed for banquet-style food service, food trucks drove into the space creating stations for guests to stroll between. The menu, a combination of comfort food and ethnic diversity, included gourmet macaroni and cheese and Mexican adobo chicken tortilla wraps with cilantro lime slaw. Custom blended handmade ice cream and mini cupcakes were dessert. The wedding cake, for cutting and picture taking, was a two-layer white cake. A Spanish style tres leches cake was also served in chafing dishes lined with ice to keep it perfectly chilled.


Wedding Reception Trend: Fabrics and Linens

Fabrics and linens draped the casual space creating an upscale look. Khaki, navy and apple green fabrics dressed up the tables and folding chairs and provided a beautiful backdrop for floral centerpieces and other table décor. Guest tables were draped in khaki with apple green napkins. The head table was covered with a navy crinkle with apple green napkins and its chairs were tied with navy and apple green satin sashes. To mask the not-so-pretty area behind the farmers market stage, a black fabric pipe and drape wall was installed.

Wedding planning tip: If your guests include a number of children, give them a place to play. Leigh is a teacher who invited her class of 14 children. She brought in a carpet so the children could play on the floor without getting their nice clothes dirty.

Green Centerpiece - Blumz by JRDesigns in metro Detroit
Wedding Reception Trend: Mood Lighting

Farmers markets are typically lit with basic wiring and lights, nothing fancy. To create a more suitable setting for the celebration, lighting was hung around the perimeter. Additionally, festive Asian paper lanterns were suspended over the head table, and simple mini light strings hung over the dance floor to enhance the party.

Paper Lantern Reception - Blumz by JRDesigns in metro Detroit

Wedding Reception Trend: The Feel of Green

During my first consultation with Leigh, she announced that she is not a real “flower girl.” While I joked with her that this isn’t something a florist likes to hear on the first date, it created a challenge. The solution: centerpieces designed in low glass bowls, candle-scapes and silver-handled compotes with ivy plants enhanced with flowers. The bride was interested in textural elements so we added foliage, birds’ nests, branches and candles. Green Fuji chrysanthemums, green trick dianthus, succulents, pussy willow, ivy plants and blue eryngium thistles were the main floral components. Three different floral designs added variety to the table settings.

Succulent Centerpieces - Blumz by JRDesigns in metro Detroit

Wedding Reception Trend: Succulents in Bridal Bouquets

Succulents are a trend that has been going strong for a couple of years and is still hot. Leigh’s bridal bouquet featured assorted succulents and sedums, stock, roses, green craspedia, mini cymbidium orchids and Kermit poms. A family keepsake charm was placed in the center. The hand-tied bouquet’s handle was wrapped in an ivory satin taken from the hem of her wedding dress.

Bouquet with brooches - Blumz by JRDesigns in metro Detroit

Leigh knew the style of wedding she wanted, but didn’t know how to piece all the details together. She trusted professionals to guide her through the steps to create her dream wedding day. The result was magical.

When you’re planning your wedding, talk to your professional florist who can make your wedding dreams come true.

Tell me about the most amazing wedding you’ve ever attended.