When you think of flowers, what is the first one that comes to mind … roses, maybe? You may think of roses as a standard flower, but there is nothing standard or typical about roses with the variety of colors and textures available to enjoy today.


Here are five of the top colors of roses we are loving now!

  • Milva – an orange/coral blend, almost bi-color rose.  The high petal count makes it hard to differentiate her between a standard rose and garden rose.  She was voted the “Best in Show” rose in the Society of American Florists’ 2003 Outstanding Varieties Competition, and remains one of the most adored varieties.  So I am not the only one loving the color of this rose!


  • Conga – a vivid, bright yellow rose with a large head and high petal count.  Ideal for wedding bouquets or table centerpieces.


  • Charlotte – a dark, almost velvety textured rose.  She has one of the most beautiful faces and opens up perfectly!  We use them in our signature dozen roses and get compliments daily on their life span as well as their loveliness.


  • Circus – a fall bride’s favorite bi-color rose.  She is a brightyellow rose with red colored edges. Her stunning star-shaped head is perfect for any floral arrangement.


  • Vendela – a creamy ivory-colored rose.  She has a cup-shaped head with curling edges that give her a soft look.  They are so versatile and look fabulous clustered all by themselves or mixed in an arrangement.

Tell us about your favorite rose.