It is a night filled with bells, whistles, sparkle, shine, glitter, fireworks and flowers. New Year’s Eve weddings are becoming more and more popular as couples want to celebrate their special day with the ultimate party.

When decorating for a New Year’s Eve wedding reception, mixing metals — gold, silver and mercury — can enhance the overall glitz and glamour. Floral selections tend to go neutral in color with the accent pieces and metallic touches making the perfect complement.

(And, psssst! Take a hint from these ideas to incorporate into your New Year’s Eve party at home. Your florist can help you add pizzazz to a fun evening.)

New Year's Eve Wedding Table — HotHouse Design Studio in Birmingham, AL

Here is a centerpiece that could be the anchor for a head table or a featured piece for a buffet table. It reveals the texture of the fancy while highlighting the monochromatic white color scheme.

New Year's Eve Wedding Centerpiece — HotHouse Design Studio in Birmingham, AL

It is always a unique question about what flowers the bride should carry. On this special occasion, bling can be the solution. Here is a brooch bouquet designed using vintage, heirloom family pieces. Even if the whole bouquet isn’t made of jewelry, one significant piece can be the perfect complement to gorgeous flowers.

New Year's Eve Bridal Brooch Bouquet — HotHouse Design Studio in Birmingham, AL


If you’ve been to a New Year’s Eve wedding, please tell us about its special touches.