Father’s Day Flowers by Blumz by JRDesigns in metro DetroitFathersDay-Robbin

This arrangement features vivid yellows, greens and whites with a keepsake dress tie in coordinating colors. The use of the exotic pincushion, bold fatsia leaf and unique blue eryngium thistle adds a distinctly masculine touch. Bells of Ireland add height and hydrangea lends its visual volume to help balance that height. — Photo Courtesy Blumz by JRDesigns in metro Detroit

Papa, Father, Padre, Pop, Dad … whatever name they go by, when it comes time to think of gifts for them, thoughts generally run the gamut of he-man tokens — rarely flowers. But yes Virginia, REAL men love flowers, too. They may sometimes act like they don’t, but that’s just dad following the rules laid out in the Old School Testosterone Playbook. The same playbook that says men don’t cry and shouldn’t wear pink. But trust me, it’s a fact backed up by actual research, men like flowers.

My dad gave me grief for the longest time when I announced that I was going to go to college to study plants and flowers. You see, my dad worked for the railroad; a brakeman hanging on the side of boxcars, switching the tracks, chewing tobacco and wearing cowboy boots. A REAL man. Playing with flowers was for sissies. But guess what that very same man did when he retired — he started playing with flowers. Daylilies to be exact, but flowers none the less. The truth was out: REAL men do love flowers.

Don’t be afraid to send dad flowers or a blooming plant. But when you do, give a nod to the Old School Testosterone PlayBook and keep these tips in mind:

1.    Nothing too fussy or fluffy. Ask for a linear floral design.

2.    Bright colors. Think primary colors — red, yellow, blue. These are safe “manly” colors. Remember, corvettes, lipstick and little short cocktail dresses come in red for a reason. Men are attracted to red. Orange is good, too.

3.    Incorporate dad’s favorite hobby or personality into the design, such as his favorite magazine (i.e., Sports Illustrated), hang a fishing lure from a branch in the design, or knot a fun tie around the neck of the vase. Tell your florist about your dad and ask for suggestions.

4.    Designs with bold foliages, lines or exotic angular flowers such as birds of paradise are always a good choice.

5.    Don’t worry about dad being embarrassed by the attention. Guys love attention. Just not attention that is due to receiving an arrangement that is pink and fluffy.

Surprise dad this Father’s Day with something he wouldn’t buy for himself but will definitely appreciate and love — send flowers. Your florist can provide creative suggestions for something that will knock his socks off.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, biological or adoptive, non-traditional or other!

What are your favorite Father’s Day flowers?