Floral & FruitAs a floral designer, I am always thinking in flowers, so what better title for a Fourth of July blog than “Red, White and Bloom?” If you’re hosting a Fourth of July party or going to one, flowers are a fun and sophisticated touch. Here are some of my favorite, simple floral design recipes for the Fourth of July .

First, you need the perfect ingredients. Choose flowers in patriotic colors.

  • Red: Roses, hypericum berries and tulips
  • White: Queen Anne’s lace, gladiola and tulips
  • Blue: Delphinium, hydrangeas and thistle

Next, grab some fun containers: Glass bubble bowls, recycled Coca-Cola bottles or cans, and various size cylinders. Add something “extra” to sweeten your centerpiece. I like designing with fruits, such as strawberries, blueberries and apples.

Here are three easy ways to mix the perfect ingredients to create simple centerpieces that will have your friends, family and neighbors talking.

Glass Bubble Bowl & White Tulip Swirl

Glass Bubble Bowl & White Tulip Swirl

  • Fill your bubble bowl up less than 1/5 full of water.
  • Remove all but top leaf of foliage from tulip stems .
  • Let the stems get room temperature and then gracefully swirl the stems in the same direction inside the bowl — keeping all the stems in the shallow water.
  • To make a more patriotic impact, add a few apples in the bottom of the bowl.
  • Display it on a dining charger surrounded by accent votive candles.

Coca-Cola Line-Up

Coca-Cola LineUp

  • Clean three or more Coco-Cola cans or bottles with a detergent or antibacterial cleaning solution.
  • Fill the cans or bottles with water and add flower food from your florist.
  • For this arrangement, use wildflower blooms, such as Queen Anne’s lace or Hydrangeas.
  • Remove flower stems of excess leaves.
  • Place single stems of flowers inside the Coca-Cola cans or bottles.
  • Line the cans or bottles down the center of your dining table.  The repetition of the bottles and flowers will make a beautiful impact and show your patriotism.

Floral & Fruit

Floral & Fruit

  • I like mixing flowers and fruit with colors that complement each other.
  • Fill a glass cylinder with blueberries.
  • Fill with water and place red roses right at the surface.
  • Once the stems are inserted, the blueberries will act as a grid and the stems won’t be seen.
  • You can make a larger arrangement by placing an extra cylinder inside and only fill the space in between with fruit. Arrange your floral inside the central cylinder.

Never place your flowers outside in the sun too early. Flowers are fragile and drink water faster than you think.  Check out these Flower Care Tips for more advice.

If you love these designs, but don’t have time or the skill to create them yourself, talk to your local florist Your florist will be able to assist you in your patriotic presentation.

I’d love to hear more ideas on creating Fourth of July floral designs. Tell me your recipes for Red, White & Bloom by posting a comment here.