AFlower Powerll over the northern hemisphere, October is a month of harvest, of bringing in the bounty that you worked so hard to create. If you were a farmer, you’d be out in the fields about now working to harvest all of your flowers, fruit, veggies, or grapes. You’d want to bring in that bountiful harvest to make sure you were stock full of abundance and happiness throughout the fall and winter months.

While you may not need to don a pair of overalls or climb on a tractor, seeing yourself like the farmer of your life can be hugely beneficial to your happiness. At the beginning of the year, you had an empty field, you planted seeds, and you watered and fed them all summer long. You’ve put a lot of time, energy, money and heart into creating your field of opportunities and dreams this year, and you want to make sure come Dec 31st you are full up of abundance and happiness, too.

Here are four ways to help you bring in your happy harvest this fall:

  1. REFLECT on your bountiful field. Take a moment to close your eyes and see yourself standing in front of your field, full of the realized or soon to be realized dreams and goals you planted earlier this year.
  2. REJOICE about all you have created already. Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions you have for creating happiness… it is like watering your happy garden with love. Take a moment and celebrate all the bounty you have already brought in this year.
  3. RESOURCE yourself wisely for the remainder of the year. As you stand looking at the field of opportunities at your fingertips, ask yourself, “Where is the BEST place for me to focus my time, energy, money and heart this fall? What’s going to yield the bounty that leads to my happiness?” Write your answer down and make a commitment to focus your resources on bringing in your Happy Harvest.
  4. REMIND yourself daily of your Happy Harvest with something physical you can see every day. Vitamin F: WellnessWhile I suppose you could put a basket of potatoes on your table to signify your harvest, having a vibrant, colorful living reminder is a much better way to go.  Weekly, throughout October, place a super-abundant-feeling bouquet of flowers on your dining room, coffee or kitchen table to remind yourself of the bounty you are harvesting for yourself this year.

Special Happy Harvest Offer: When you state your intentions publicly, you are a gazillion times more likely to be successful at achieving what you set out to do. I want you to be successful at bringing your Happy Harvest in. So below I’ve created a space for you to post your Happy Harvest — I’d love to witness your commitment to your happiness, just post it below.