ChristmasChristmas is all about color. Traditional hues of red and green will always be on the radar, but each year there are a few surprises that pop up on the trends scene to keep the holiday festive and unique. I think the economy has played a major role the past few years keeping the traditional colors strong as it is in our nature to hover close to the familiar with uncertainty in the air. I don’t think this Christmas is really any different. Red and green are still on top but not necessarily together.

Seeing Green

Green has spun off and become a strong theme on its own. It can be combined with frosty, sparkly covered ornaments and containers for a formal, festive look or paired with natural elements to give it a woodland country theme. Don’t be afraid to combine different hues of green to keep the pallet interesting. Warm yellow influenced greens can be “cooled” by adding some blue-green hues. This technique of mixing warm and cool shades works well when using glittered and frosted elements. Evergreens, holly and eucalyptus add texture as well as fragrance to the “green” story. Add some Green Tea roses or Prado carnations to carry the theme throughout the holidays.


Red Hot

Let’s not forget about red. Just as with green, red has worked away from its expected “green” partner and combines ever so well with frosted white and “icy” themes. Just as with green, we see many combinations of warm brick reds to cooler purple tinged reds. Working several shades together makes for an interesting and dimensional look allowing you to personalize your theme, making it interact with you own decor. Adding a new shade of red to your existing decorations is a fun way to give the holiday a fresh look without the expense of obtaining everything new. Splashes of frost and ice can give a festive look to existing decor no matter what your base colors are. The “sparklier” the better! Luscious red poinsettias in frosted white pots or your favorite red roses or bright red tulips in crystal clear glass complete this beautiful theme.

Nostalgic Pastels

Nostalgia plays a major role in the celebration of Christmas. Most of us carry favorite memories from one year to the next and we have Christamstraditions that we continue from generation to generation. Antique ornaments, packed away carefully between layers of tissue, often are faded and softer in color than many newer ones. This old world look evolves nicely into a more modern one by incorporating soft pastels into the Christmas color theme. Combine candy forms with the soft pastels and you have a festive, fanciful theme where some family favorites can be combined with newer, contemporary accessories. Trees packed with confections intertwined with pale pink, blue or green ribbons create a youthful and creative story. Add plenty of sparkly, heavily glittered items — reminiscent of the old German ornaments — to catch light and create a warm glow. Unexpected pink poinsettias tucked in and around your tree are the perfect complement to this delicate and exciting story. Bring out the pastels, making sure you add lots of sparkle.

Color is so subjective and each of us has our own favorite hues and combinations. This year for the holiday season, stretch your thoughts to some new boundaries. Add a new shade of your favorite red or green to your existing decorations for an updated look. Bring out the pastels making sure you add lots of sparkle. Snow and white frost create a dynamic theme of their own, yet combined with other color stories give them the perfect finishing touch. Complete your décor with fresh touches of holiday plants or flowers, my favorite part of holiday decorating. For more ideas, see Christmas Colors.

What are your Christmas colors?