Think of all the time, money and energy you’ve spent over your lifetime wishing or yearning for a loving relationship — whether you were single and looking for a mate or in a relationship in need of more intimate connection. Do you remember how in these kinds of moments you felt totally out of control as to whether or not that love would ever find you? (Horrible, right?)

Now imagine you have at your very fingertips the power to feel loved whenever you wanted — no matter what your romantic relationship status. That sounds fabulous, doesn’t it? To be able to feel loved whenever you want?  When I realized that I had this power, which I call my “Love Power,” my entire life changed. I went from a person looking for love to a person who was wealthy in love.

First, I stopped looking outside for love and began to be a ‘love generator’ — a person who creates love for themselves by taking acts of self-love and love. Then I discovered that one of my most potent love powers was Gratitude — finding people whom I could express gratitude to in really simple ways. This love exchange always left me feeling more love and less alone.

Second, I stopped looking to my romantic partner to be my main source of love. Instead, I broadened my love channels to include people like teachers, friends, peers … even the local barista!

This month, I invite you to amp up your love power by generating love through the use of Gratitude and the simple gift of flowers. Nothing opens hearts faster than a bright stem of love. Here are a few ideas. Take a risk, and put some love out there.

  • Grandparents.: Sept 11th is Grandparents Day. Express your thanks with a flower arrangement that signifies them and you. Choose one type of flower to signify them and another you, creating one happy bunch of family.
  • Teachers: They give a lot to you, sharing their wisdom and caring about your future. Go back to a teacher you had last year, or maybe your child’s new teacher for this year, and show your appreciation with a bouquet of flowers. Go with yellow or blue flowers, they signify wisdom.
  • Co-worker: Think of a person who really had your back over the last few months, someone who went above and beyond to help you out. Ask your florist to deliver the flowers to their office with a simple “Thank you. I appreciate you” card. You’ll make their month and yours!

Who else in your life can you think of to give love to through gratitude and flowers? Post that person here and share the act of love you commit to this month. Stating it makes it a gazillion times more likely you’ll do it, and you deserve more love this month.