Ring BearerThe No. 1 rule when it comes to ring bearers: When attaching a ring to the ring bearer’s pillow, always use fake rings — never the real ones. Many horrified guests have watched helplessly as the bride or groom’s carefully chosen ring has fallen to the floor and rolled down a heat vent. Now that we got that important housekeeping tip out of the way, let’s move on to some ideas for your wedding’s most fun little guy.

Cover a pillow shape

  • Cover a small pillow, like a tooth fairy pillow or one of the small message pillows that can hang on a doorknob, with green moss. Tie a ribbon around it as though you were tying a package with a small bow at the top center. Tie or glue a very small cluster of flowers and faux rings into the bow.
  • Make a small pillow from the same fabric as the bridesmaids’ dresses. Stitch a narrow strip of fabric or ribbon underneath the pillow for the child to insert their hand through to hold it. Monogram the center of the pillow and pin the faux rings there along with a single flower bloom.

Make it personal

  • Monogram a small silver bell and attach a small cluster of flowers and the rings to the base of its handle. Have the ring bearer enter the ceremony just before the bride, ringing the bell to alert the guests to rise and stand for her entrance.
  • If you would like to honor a deceased male family member, choose a personal item such as an old pipe or pocket watch. Attach a small cluster of flowers and faux rings to the item for the ring bearer to carry the item down the aisle.
  • If you want to include a family pet in the ceremony, adorn the dog collar with flowers and faux rings and allow the ring bearer to walk it down the aisle by its leash.
  • Tie a ribbon around a small children’s bible, favorite book of poetry, or other meaningful book as though you were tying a package with a small bow at the top center. Tie a tiny cluster of flowers and faux rings into the bow.
  • For a very young ring bearer, completely cover a small, plush animal such as a teddy bear with mosses or simple flower heads like daisy mums and tie the faux rings to the bear’s hand.

For an interesting accent

  • Select a small elegant box that fits the theme of the wedding. Place a tiny cluster of flowers, and faux rings in the center of the box. Leave the box open so that the interior can be seen. Have the ring bearer descend the aisle carrying the box.
  • New and interesting colorful metallic wires that can be wound over and over around a satin pillow for an abstract look. Beads or pearls can be strung onto the wires to add visual interest. Accent with small clusters of flowers and faux rings to the top center.
  • Choose a pottery, crystal or silver tray. Lay a monogrammed handkerchief in the center. Pin a small flower and faux rings onto the handkerchief.
  • Select a very small but interesting piece of pottery and place the rings inside on a nest of mosses or flowers.
  • If the ceremony is in a garden, fill the center of a small bird nest with mosses or berries and attach faux rings.

For a beach ceremony

  • Choose a large seashell and place flowers and faux rings inside.
  • Attach rings to a large starfish that the child can carry.
  • Select a clear vessel to fill with sand and tiny seashells with the rings placed in the center.

What interesting ideas for ring bearer’s flowers can you share?

This is the third in a three-part series by Sharon McGukin, author of “Flowers of the Heart: A Bride’s Guide to Choosing Flowers for her Wedding.

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