CRW_6388What’s your love score?

1-50 Points – You need a little help!  Better add your florist to the speed dial list.

51-65 Points – Warming up but, no prize for you!  Call your florist NOW!

66-80 Points – Getting closer. Call your florist and see what you can squeeze in before it is too late.

81-90 Points – Oh, so close!  Time to sprint to the finish.  One more dash to the florist and you could win!

91-100 Points – You’re Sizzling Hot! And, I bet your florist is ready to help you score again.

The game of life…it’s so competitive!  You’re not supposed to keep score but, we all do. How do you tally the points?  I took out the trash – you fed the dog. (Good – balanced points.)  I did the dishes – you did the laundry.  (Again, balanced and happy peoples.) I made dinner and I vacuumed and I put the kids to bed – what did you do?  (Ouch! Not so balanced.)  I’ll share a little secret. You can make a lot of love points this Valentine’s RosesInWoodenCaseDay with just a little effort. Love points can put you ahead in the game of life. In fact, you could make enough points to win at the game of LOVE!

February 14, 2016 falls on a Sunday and, even better yet, Monday is President’s Day. For many, that means a three-day weekend! What a grand celebration opportunity for Valentine’s Day. Plenty of time to win at the Game of Love. Start making plans now. Friday — Saturday – Sunday – Monday…four days to celebrate and add up those points.  This extended celebration of love does not happen every year. This Valentine’s Day, strive to win with the 100 points of romance.  It’s a fun game to play. Hit all 100 and you win!  Here’s how:

Let’s Keep Score!  Pick your points, tally them up and make sure you hit 100.  When you do, the rewards await.CRW_6371

35 points – Have flowers delivered to work.  This shouts to the world, “I Love You!”
(5 bonus points if you deliver early – think Thursday or Friday.  Being first to get Valentine’s flowers means your sweetie planned ahead.)

*Note* If you have to ask, “When’s Valentines’ Day?” deduct 25 points.

25 Points – Fill the house with flowers. This is not as daunting as it sounds. A bud vase in the bathroom, a few blooms at the bedside (swoon), flowers in the living room, and a vase of flowers in the kitchen.  Going beyond the expected and adding flowers throughout the house is a grand surprise.
(5 bonus points for rose petals on the turned down bed.)

10 Points – Share the flower love with your children. A bouquet for each of the kids lets them know they’re loved and teaches them the value of love gifting. If you don’t have children, send a flower to a favorite friend – they’ll love you for it!CRW_6320

15 Points – Surprise your sweetie with breakfast in bed. It can be a full-fledged food fest or a simple coffee and donuts.  Either way, make sure to add a flower to the breakfast tray.

5 Points – Leave a single bloom on the car seat.  What a delightful surprise as your sweetie dashes out the door heading to wherever. A flower! I am loved!

25 Points – Prepare dinner at home.  Set the table with good dishes and add a festive vase of roses.
(15 bonus points if you do the dishes, too!)

15 Points – Escape for the weekend.  Mountain, seashore, city or country…sneak away for a loving rendezvous and rekindle the romance.
(25 bonus points if you arrange for flowers in the room.)

Get started now with your planning, gaming and point gathering. Score big as a Sizzling Hot Lover and you can make Valentine’s Day 2016 the best ever!